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Summer Sale on Chroma X with Media Players

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The summer heat may be here, but we’ve got a cool deal on Chroma X for you!

From now until September 1st, 2021, we’re offering 15% off Chroma X encoder/decoder hardware with 2 month of free access to HD software, as well as 200 GB of Cloud data and compatible media players for iPad, OSX and Windows. Customers will also have the option to purchase 3 months of software rental with 600 GB of Cloud data for 15% off, or 20% off 6-12 months with 200 GB of Cloud data per month.

Designed for streaming media in production and collaboration, the Streambox Chroma X encoder/decoder provides real-time transport and creation of HD/HDR content from any location with an internet connection- all from the palm of your hand.

Post-production professionals will appreciate the unit’s small, portable size and ability to connect and stream from any location, making it an ideal (and travel-friendly) solution for remote workflows. Chroma X can be used for remote color grading, sound editing and VFX production, as well as collaborative editorial sessions with other users.

The summer sale also includes one month of free access to additional Streambox software, including Streambox Cloud, Sessions and Media Players. Users can view the data “pulled” from the Chroma X unit on one of our media players, which are designed to play out high quality media and provide support for color grading and other production reviews. Users can also connect to Streambox Cloud and view uploaded high quality, low latency content with a choice of HDR color profiles, or to Streambox Sessions to collaborate with other users on the same media from anywhere in the world.

To learn more or get started, please contact our sales team at

Visit the Chroma X webpage here:

Visit the Media Players webpage here:

Apple TV Media Player Beta Version Now Available

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Good news, Apple TV users! Streambox Media Player is coming soon to Apple TV, and we’re looking for users to beta test the app before launch.

Streambox Media Player for Apple TV is an app designed to play out 4K/HDR over IP video streams from the Streambox family of encoders or Streambox Cloud services.

Users can use the Media Player app to play out video streams, support Cloud/Session-based workflows and view live content from any location with minimal latency. While the app is designed to be optimized on the second generation Apple TV, it can run on past generations of the hardware.

The Media Player app for Apple TV is currently in the beta phase. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for our new Apple TV app, please contact us at!

Other app features include:

  • HD, 2K, UHD, 4K
  • 8, 10 & 12-bit
  • HDR, 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0 color
  • AAC and PCM Audio
  • Cloud & Cloud based Sessions workflow
  • 128 bit encryption 
  • Supports 20 video channels

(Please note: UHD/4K and HDR support requires second generation Apple TV 4K.)

Check out this step-by-step video on how to set up the app:

Quickstart guides for Streambox Media Player for Apple TV 4K: