Light Compact Video Encoder for Mobile Streaming

Product Overview

Designed for Light Weight HD Streaming

The Streambox AVENIR Drone is a fully powered HD encoder in a small box. The AVENIR Drone captures HD-SDI and/or HDMI video in a miniature size for live HD video encoding and streaming to the Streambox Cloud. The Streambox Drone works in an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), on a dashboard or as a wearable device letting you stream live video from anywhere. At just 400 grams, it can run for 6 hours on a single battery.

Key Features

See What The AVENIR Drone Has to Offer

Superior HD Video

Stream live video with continuous high quality even over unreliable networks.

Portable Encoder

Light weight with extended battery life. Manage and configure remotely.

Ease of Use

The new software and user interface, mobile app, and LCD screen with LED status lights give the user flexible options for ease of operation.


Feature for reviewers to highlight areas of interest while describing the desired changes

News, Security, Surveillance

Enables video streaming for mission-critical applications.

Live Social Streaming

Send Live Video to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & on-air broadcasts.

Remotely Monitor

Capture and stream live action video from remote locations or situations where its hard to reach.


Feature for project-based, remote, direct, real-time collaboration of content across multiple locations without reviewers needing a Cloud account

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Take a Look Inside the Drone

  • HD-SDI & HDMI video capture integrated into mobile hardware
  • Battery Module (Streambox, Anton Bauer, IDX)
  • Embedded Modem Module
  • USB Modem Module
  • 3G/4G, LTE, WiFi, LAN, BGAN, and USB mobile modems
  • External LCD Module
  • AC adapter, battery charger, regional plug adapter
  • 4x Embedded Modem Module (optional, supports 3G/4G/LTE)
  • 2x USB 3.0 + 4x USB via breakout cable
  • Bluetooth 4.0, Gigabit Ethernet, GPS-enabled
  • Weighs only 400 grams
  • Standard Battery Module (20Wh capacity) 6 hour run-time
  • 10x Battery Module (optional)

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