Designed for broadcasters and other media organizations, the Streambox Avenir Mini 5 is a camera-mountable mobile live video encoder. The lightweight encoder provides enhanced bonded connectivity capabilities with various network types including cellular and WiFi. The compact, low-power device offers significantly more efficient encoding for HD streaming, and is designed to provide easy integration and outstanding quality.

Product Highlights

Superior HD Video
Stream live video with continuous high quality even over unreliable networks.

Portable Encoder
Lightweight with extended battery life. Manage and configure remotely.

Ease of Use
The software, user interface, mobile app, LCD touch screen, and LED status lights gives users flexible options for ease of operation.

News, Security, Surveillance
Enables video streaming for mission-critical applications.

Live Social Streaming
Send Live Video to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & on-air broadcasts.

Cost of Ownership
With its superior video compression, the Mini consumes up to 30% less data for HD videos to help lower data consumption.


Low Delay Multi-Path

Streambox LDMP protocol allows for low latency adaptive bit-rate streaming over public and private networks, ensuring optimal transmission across sub-optimal networks.

Strong Encryption

We employ 128-bit AES encryption to protect your content and offer a higher level 256-bit version for certain areas of the world. Both are approved by the National Security Agency (NSA)!

Very Low Latency

Our ACT-L3 and ACT-L5 advanced codecs are highly efficient, which helps us achieve some of the lowest latencies in the industry.

Best-in-Class Color

Our systems support all major color gamut standards, so you get to see Rec 709, for example, instead of a web browser / computer monitor (mis)interpretation.

Case Studies