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Video Contribution, Newsgathering, and Live Streaming

Complete end-to-end workflows specifically tuned to the needs of broadcasters and other streaming professionals are enabled by Streambox Broadcast solutions. Systems such as AVENIR Micro mobile encoders and Chroma advanced encoders / decoders are optimized for high reliability, low-cost newsgathering and video contribution. These systems can be utilized with Streambox Cloud Services operating over wired and wireless IP networks to bring news and program content to locations anywhere in the world.


Streambox Delivers Solutions to Suit A Variety of Needs

Remote Newsgathering

The AVENIR Micro mobile encoder is modular and stackable, permitting remote field reporters to set up quickly and transmit full HD, low latency from SDI and HDMI video sources with bonded 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi, LAN, BGAN, and USB modems. The AVENIR Mini 5 mobile encoder includes all of the capabilities of AVENIR Micro as well as being camera mountable with five embedded modems. The AVENIR Drone is a fully powered HD encoder in a 400 gram miniature size device to work in an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), on a dashboard or as a wearable device.


Robust Connectivity

For coverage in areas with poor 2.5G/3G/4G networks or highly congested cellular areas, Streambox offers add-on signal extenders or the VETA all-in-one backpack mobile system which integrates the AVENIR Micro encoder, an embedded modem, and a telescopic magnetic antenna.


Live News Production

Streambox Enterprise Server is a central server to aggregate and manage large amounts of streaming media content with secure management, automated live production routing, and metadata search capabilities. The 8 or 16 Channel IFB Server enables live communication between studio and field over IP networks with ultra low latency.

Video Servers Media Players

Global Video Transport

Streambox Cloud Services enable streaming media contribution, transport, and distribution for broadcasts and live video productions with hardware or software encoders, and triple play live streaming to YouTube, Facebook and web channels, as well as to designated location. The reliable video transport with automated routing and management tools supports 4K HDR, UHD HDR, 2K HDR, HD HDR and SD format video. Streambox Sessions™ provides remote, real-time collaboration across multiple locations without reviewers needing a Cloud account or needing to connect with Streambox Cloud directly.

Streambox Cloud Encoding Software

Mobile Live Streaming

The Streambox Cloud encoder and the Streambox App for use on iPads, iPhones, Mac laptops, and Windows laptops enables users to cost-effectively stream professional quality media from the field to be streamed and shared via the web or on mobile devices. Live streaming media can also be sent to social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, as well as specific websites for real-time media sharing.

Streambox Apps Facebook Live

Contribution and Distribution

Streambox Chroma is ideal for IP-based video contribution from studios, bureaus, and affiliates over low cost Internet networks. Users can stream secure live media from the field locations to multiple destinations with automated routing. Chroma also functions as a streaming decoder and player at network and station facilities. Streambox live event solutions permit broadcasters to simulcast events such as sports matches from the locker room to the field in UHD HDR and HD HDR. The Chroma multi-encoder is an HD system that includes a 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI Dual link I/O that enables up to 4 simultaneous encodes. The Multi-Channel Synchronized HD Decoder is designed for live production of multi-camera events over IP networks.

Streambox Chroma Chroma 4K

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