Build Your Own AVENIRMicro™ / Drone™

Combining best-of-breed technology
for high-quality, reliable video streaming.

Customize AVENIRMicro / Drone

Embedded Modem Module

Stackable design with Four 3G, 4G, LTE embedded modems module with retractable antenna for signal improvements.

USB Modem + Battery Module

Stackable magnetic design securing 4 USB modems & power for 2 hours of HD encoding with hot swappable Canon DSLR batteries.

H Clip w Strap

 The H Clip make an AVENIRMicro™ with embedded modem module wearable for convenient use in the field. The H-Clip provides two hot swappable Canon DSLR batteries for approximately  2-hours of streaming operations based on the battery conditions.

T Clip w Strap

The  units make an AVENIRMicro™ with USB Modem Module wearable for convenient use in the field.

Breakout USB Adaptor

Connects up to 4 USB modems + battery connection.

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