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New Frame Sync for Rackmount Encoders

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Streambox has added a frame synchronizer to its 9200, 9300, 9400, and 3D-IMAG rackmount encoders. Some camera switchers do not support audio visual synchronization so when changing cameras with one of these switchers there would be a buffering delay. Now, with frame synchronization built into the encoder the delay is only one frame (unnoticeable to the human eye) no matter the quality of the camera switcher.

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Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Broadcasts Live with Streambox

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Mayor Ed Murray delivers a special presentation of the 2017 State of the City address from Idris Mosque using Streambox, highlighting how Seattle is moving forward as a welcoming city that is building greater affordability, opportunity and equity for all residents.

The city of Seattle used AVENIR Mini to broadcast live footage of Ed Murrays city address. Designed for broadcasters, the Streambox Avenir Mini is a small form factor, lightweight encoder with integrated network bonding that replaces the need for microwave and satellite trucks at a fraction of the cost.

Using proprietary technology, the device continuously monitors and selects the best possible pathway from all available networks, including 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi and other IP networks, so you get consistent SD and HD streaming with outstanding quality.

The stream was then decoded by Streambox 9200 RackmountThe scalable encoder lets you encode, transport reliable video over public internet and play out live video at a fraction of the cost vs competing encoders requiring higher cost MPLS or dedicated networks for reliable video contribution.

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Improved Rackmount V-ANC Support

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Streambox rackmount encoders now have improved support for capture, encoding, and transmission of vertical ancillary data, also known as V-ANC, by adding advanced mapping functions for easier integration with other systems. Ancillary data is non-video information such as closed captions and advertisement insertion triggers.

Streambox rackmount decoders can output vertical ancillary data information via HD-SDI but some downstream equipment might require data to be mapped to specific V-ANC lines. In this case, the new Streambox decoder, version 3.164.12, and new web UI allows users to assign a specific data type to a specific V-ANC line using packet identifier DID (Data IDentifier).

For example, in the screenshot below, Closed Captions (packet DID 161) are mapped to video line 9 and SCTE-104 events (packet DID 241) are mapped to line 13. Up to 3 different packet types can be assigned.

V-ANC Decoder Output

V-ANC Quick Setup Tutorial Video

Note: traditionally, DID (Data Identifier word) is represented as a hexadecimal number. The decoder will perform automatic V-ANC data placement if the DID is zero.


City of Seattle Live Streams with Streambox

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On Monday, September 26, 2016, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray used Streambox to livestream his 2017 city budget proposal to YouTube, Facebook, and the city’s websites.

While Mayor Murray gave his speech from City Hall, Seattle Channel, Seattle’s government access TV station, had a Streambox 9200 rackmount at its broadcast center receiving video from the HD video cameras. The 9200 encoded and sent the live video stream to Streambox Cloud for transcoding and delivery.

For redundancy Seattle Channel had a backup system of a ProRes camera connected to a Streambox Avenir Micro mobile encoder in City Hall Chambers. The Avenir Micro bonds all available wired and wireless networks for reliable streaming even in areas where one network would not suffice. Although the backup unit was not needed, having it available provided comfort for the staff concerned with reliability given previous streaming failures.

Seattle Channel used Streambox Cloud for distribution to Facebook, YouTube, and Seattle Channel’s website, as well as using Streambox’s embedded plugin for the City of Seattle website. Streambox provides multi bitrate streaming which matches the best possible resolution and bitrate with the viewer’s bandwidth, giving them the best video their internet speed will allow.

City of Seattle’s CTO, Michael Mattmiller, watched the feed on multiple devices to oversee reliability due to the fact that Seattle Channel’s previous solutions had not been able to achieve sustained reliability. Streambox performed perfectly on not only one, but four sites at once so Seattle Channel now has a clear and reliable solution for the future.

Deutsche Welle and Channels Television Daily Live Broadcast Using Streambox

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Channels Television and Deutsche Welle Video Transport via Streambox

CHANNELS-1-1024x640Channels Television, the largest privately owned Nigerian Broadcaster, and     Deutsche Welle, the German International TV Broadcaster have recently signed  an agreement for the advancement of quality content and collaboration in  coverage of African and European news using Streambox Solutions. Streambox, a long time IP broadcast video solutions provider for Channels TV, offers reliable video transport solutions to provide content contribution between both broadcasters. The project has been deployed by Otus Systems Nigeria in collaboration with NEWSBOX Frankfurt. NEWSBOX transmits daily live reports from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange contributing to  Channels TV evening news show, The World Today, using Streambox 9200 Video Transport Encoder for on air broadcasts from 17:30 until 18:00 hrs local time Monday to Friday.


The Project: From Frankfurt, Germany to Lagos, Nigeria – LIVE

Channels Television and Deutsche Welle’s agreement is designed to facilitate and enhance content sharing and transmission across Africa and Europe.

By working with DW, Channels Television can provide its target audience of Nigerian business and opinion leaders a direct link to business and economic news coming from Europe. Daily live broadcasts from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange are deployed by NEWSBOX and Otus Systems using Streambox Video Transport Solutions.

NEWSBOX, the provider for DW has deployed the Streambox 9200 half duplex Rackmount Encoder/Decoder solution for live video transport from Frankfurt Stock Exchange to Channels TV’s Streambox Enterprise Server where the video is automatically routed to decoder for playout.




Channels TV Deploys  Streambox Video Transport Solutions

Channels TV has chosen Streambox because of its unique system and platform offering a wide range of solutions to cover various video transport needs. Content collaboration between DW and Channels TV  is driven by the need to further advance the strengths and opportunities inherent by the broadcasters in Africa and Europe and to bring the African story to Europe and the rest of the world. Otus Systems has implemented a complete end-to-end Streambox workflow at Channels Television for national and global live and file based video acquisition, contribution, management and distribution. This workflow includes Steambox Avenir Mini mobile network bonding encoders and Streambox 9300/9200 decoder series. The end-to-end solution also incorporates Streambox Enterprise Server for video management, routing, archiving and playout between locations.

Streambox Video Transport Solutions allow this content exchange with minimal delays and no need for dedicated lines, providing a significant cost reduction in operations. Streambox’s proprietary ACT-L3 video compression and reliable LDMP protocol allow high quality video with reliable streaming over the public Internet using low bandwidths available in the area. As a half-duplex model, the Streambox 9200 deployed for this project, works as encoder or decoder and provides organizations with  the capabilities to either capture, send or recieve playout video. This allows users to  get unrivaled HD quality at 512 Kbps to 35 Mbps and outstanding SD quality at 64 Kbps to 25 Mbps. For consistent reliable streaming, the Streambox 9200 uses proprietary LDMP video transprot technology to continuously monitor and select the best possible pathway from all available networks, including 3G/4G, Wi-Fi and other IP. Advanced ACT-L3 compression provides higher-quality encoding with low latency. Thanks to Streambox’s LDMP protocol, Channels TV receives the signal from Frankfurt Stock Exchange at 1.8 MB with zero packet loss at minimal latency. With the Steambox workflow, Channels Television could now receive news and video contribution from around the globe using  Streambox Cloud.  


About Streambox

Streambox is pioneer and a leader in IP-based video acquisitions, contribution and delivery. Streambox products and solutions deliver mobile video everywhere, allowing companies and organizations to broadcast, share, and stream video from anywhere with unlimited scalability and lower costs. Using the Streambox mobile apps, hardware encoders or compact mobile encoders coupled with cloud-based video management, broadcasters and streaming organizations can deliver live and files, HD/4K video to viewers immediately.

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About Otus Systems

Otus Systems Limited is an information technology solution provider that specializes at improving processes of organizations. Otus is the certified Partner of Streambox in Nigeria and has designed and implemented multiple projects in the area for Video Transport, Video Surveillance, Digital Video play out and post production for broadcasters, House of Worship and Enterprise organisations.

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NEWSBOX GmbH is a TV-production company in Frankfurt Main founded in 1997 by the two managing directors, Joachim Knab and Claudia Saala. A team of experienced media specialists and journalists takes care of the production, post-production & transmission of film footage for German and international broadcasting channels as well as listed companies and various trade associations. With their own on-site TV studio with a Bluebox at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and a reporter spot on the trading floor, NEWSBOX is the largest private playout-center in the Frankfurt area.

Learn more at www.newsbox.de



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