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Avenir Micro and Avenir Drone Web Interface Release Note

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A new software update for Avenir Micro and Avenir Drone mobile encoders is now available.
To update your unit:
  1. Connect Streambox Avenir Micro/Drone to the Internet
  2. Point your browser to the IP of the Micro/Drone
  3. In Setting -> System -> Update Software -> Update, click Update next to 1.2.2 (This will take up to a few minutes to update your unit)
  4. Reboot (optional)
Several backend fixes were made to improved efficiency and usability.
Web UI
The Mobile web user interface has been updated and improved for usability. Most user needs can now be address via the simplified user interface. For more advanced needs or for product support the user can choose the advanced interface from the main dropdown menu.

Avenir Micro Release Notes 1.2.1

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A new software update for Avenir Micro and Avenir Drone mobile encoders is now available.

To update your unit:

  1. Connect Streambox Avenir Micro/Drone to the Internet
  2. Point your browser to the IP of the Micro/Drone
  3. In Setting -> System -> Update Software -> Update, click Update next to 1.2.0 (This will take up to a few minutes to update your unit)
  4. Reboot (optional)

New features and improvements:

  • Added frame-sync functionality for SDI and HDMI input
  • Improved video encoding quality
  • Added low delay JPEG HD/SD preview with up to 30 fps
  • Added support 32 and 44.1 Khz in addition to 48 Khz for audio (automatically detected)
  • Added support for HDMI Ricoh Theta S camera
  • Added “Stream on startup”  option
  • Added battery type selection on web interface and LCD menu
  • Fixed issues with Custom Presets not loading correctly from LCD menu
  • Added Stop and Restart IFB controls to web interface and LCD menu
  • Fixed IFB volume issues
  • Improvements in WiFi tethering
  • Improved security
  • Updated Streambox Cloud IP list
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Streambox at Inter BEE 2016

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One of Asia’s premiere broadcast equipment retailers, Totsu International, will be featuring Streambox products at the International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition (Inter BEE) 2016 Wednesday, November 16th through Friday, November 18th.

Totsu International will be demonstrating and exhibiting Streambox Avenir Micro and Drone mobile encoders, NDI Player, Tricaster Add-on, 4K Encoder/Decoder, and Cloud to an expected 36,000 visitors from 32 countries.


Streambox Avenir Micro and Drone are modular and stackable mobile encoders for transmitting SD and full HD low-latency video over bonded 3G, 4G, WiFi, ethernet, SNG, DNG, BGAN, VSAT satellite, and internet networks. Designed for easy integration and outstanding quality, the miniature, low-power devices support HDR video and can be used with HD-SDI and HDMI cameras. The Avenir encoders can be used for streaming live events, public safety video, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) video, and various other video applications.

Streambox NDI Player allows users to seamlessly receive and decode live video from any Streambox encoder to a compatible NDI receiver. NDI allows multiple video systems to identify and communicate with one another over IP for encoding, transmitting, and receiving many streams of high quality, low latency, frame-accurate video and audio in real-time.


The Tricaster Add-on allows Streambox users to directly stream live HD/SD video at resolutions up to 1080p from any Streambox encoder (both hardware and software) into a TriCaster production system.

Streambox 4K Rackmount Encoder/Decoder is designed for low-bandwidth high quality 4K UHD video encoding, transmission, and playout of either live or file-based SD, HD, or UHD video over IP networks. This reduces broadcast costs while maintaining high-performance and reliability for professionals working with the highest quality video available today.


Streambox Cloud is a secure, end-to-end service for encoding, routing, archiving, transcoding, management, and playout for live videos. Cloud Services includes free software Cloud encoders, apps, and media players, a globally distributed server network, video routing tools, management and metadata software, and native integration with Facebook and YouTube, all for both live and archived video.

Streambox Expands Cloud to Support Facebook Live

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July 27, 2016 (Seattle) – Streambox Inc.® announced today integrated playout to Facebook Live®, available immediately. Streambox has added native support for Facebook Live playout through Streambox Cloud Services using all Streambox video encoders.

Live video is the best way to be seen on Facebook. Facebook prioritizes live video on top of News Feed and has found that, on average, people watch a live video more than three times longer than its file-based counterpart. Live also drives engagement, Facebook has found that people comment greater than 10 times more often on Live videos than on regular videos. Facebook Live is already a powerful tool by itself, but with Streambox it becomes a valuable tool for everyone who wants to stream high quality live videos to their audience.

Without Streambox’s solutions Facebook Live is a mobile app limited by a phone’s camera and a wireless connection. Streambox allows producers to move beyond the phone and single network by allowing use of higher quality HD-SDI/HDMI cameras, network bonding for reliability and higher bandwidth, multi-stream management, and live production.

Alex Telitsine, CTO of Streambox said, “In many cases we see that single network iPhone streaming to Facebook fails where people are in a crowded environment or on the road.” Facebook advises users to only use WiFi when streaming live as a 3G/4G connection will not offer enough bandwidth to deliver quality video without buffering. The most interesting and relevant content may not be in an area with WiFi. Streambox untethers its users from the WiFi restriction by bonding multiple networks (including 3G/4G/WiFi/internet) to build enough bandwidth to stream high-quality, uninterrupted video. Streambox also compresses live video without significant quality loss to allow for low bandwidth transport using a proprietary codec: Advanced Compression Technology – Level 3 (ACT-L3) combined with Low Delay Multi-Path network Protocol technology (LDMP) for low latency adaptive bitrate streaming. LDMP automatically maintenances the best possible bandwidth, latency, and resolution over multiple IP networks, allowing delivery even where network bandwidth fluctuate.

Streambox moves beyond the restriction of only using the camera on a phone with the ability to add one or multiple professional level cameras. Media outlets can switch cameras live and vet feeds once it reaches Streambox Cloud or Enterprise servers and decide what streams will go to Facebook Live. Along with feed management, Streambox provides the ability to add post-production effects with live team contribution via third party software.

Streambox’s support for Facebook Live allows producers to elevate their content and drive engagement, allowing for live professional standards on social media. Go to streambox.com/facebook for more info on set-up and configuration.

Streambox AVENIRMicro™ and AVENIRDrone™- – System Update

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On May 26, 2016 Streambox released a major software update to our flagship mobile product to improve your productivity with the AVENIRMicroTM and AVENIRDroneTM. In this update you will enjoy additional functionality and support as well as an easier to use remote interface to more quickly stream videos at the touch of your finger tips.

New and Improved

  • Updated encoder app for full 1080 streams up to 16Mbps for UDP and up to 12Mbps for  LDMP protocol (Low Delay Multi-Path – a smart system that dynamically adjusts to changing networks conditions to deliver the fastest packet-loss free video)
  • New (remote) web user interface to quickly stream and to access the most important status information
  • Updated LCD interface with user friendly functionality
  • Support for WiFi web authentication from nearly any hotspot (e.g.Starbucks and hotel AP)
  • Support for satellite transmission via Inmarsat HDR 727 and 9250 tracking dish systems with dual terminal support
  • Improved support for AT&T and USB modems for the Japanese market
  • Enhanced GPS support for modems, USB receivers, and Inmarsat terminals
  • Bluetooth support for audio devices (prototype release)
  • WiFi AP functionality for Internet sharing (prototype  release)
  • More information and functionality in the unit’s display including IFB support via front panel buttons•
  • Minor fixes including proper system clock recovery after power cycles


What you will need:

Streambox AVENIRMicro/Drone connected to the Internet


  1. Point your browser to the IP of the Micro or Drone or connect via http://avenir.streambox.com/remote/
  2. In Setting → System → Update Software → Update, click Update next to 1.1.0
  3. This will take up to a few minutes to update your unit
  4. Reboot (by turning the device off for 10 seconds, then on again)
  5. You are done!

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