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Streambox used to deliver news from the Trump-Kim Summit

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A leading US-based cable news network used Streambox Avenir Mico mobile live video encoders and Streambox Cloud Services for live interviews originating from Singapore to be delivered and monitored in Atlanta, Georgia. Interfacing the Micro encoders to a local Singapore point of presence Cloud access point and transporting the feed through the Streambox managed cloud service, enabled reliable, full bandwidth video with no compromise in quality and minimal latency to provide two-way interview functionality.

Streambox Avenir Micro is a lightweight mobile live video encoder providing enhanced bonded connectivity capabilities with significantly more efficient encoding. The miniature, low-power device permits remote-field reporters to quickly set up and transmit full HD low latency video over a variety of network types.

Streambox Cloud Services provides global video transport for contribution, streaming, and distribution. Used for broadcasts and live video production, this reliable video transport includes automated routing and management tools and supports a variety of formats up to UHD/4K.


An example of one interview can be seen here:


Another example of Streambox implementations for live contribution workflows can be seen here:



Click here for more information about the AVENIR Micro and Cloud.


Streambox Products Capture Live Video of Royal Wedding

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Streambox products are used by major broadcast networks throughout the world and will be deployed at the Royal Wedding this Saturday, May 19th 2018. Products used for live video broadcasts over IP networks include the small form-factor AVENIR Micro encoder and the NODE media player for local review.

The Micro provides enhanced bonded connectivity capabilities with efficient encoding for high quality HD broadcast contribution. Designed for easy integration and outstanding quality, the low-powered Micro can be used to capture via HD-SDI or HDMI from broadcast cameras or other video sources  for transmission over satellite, Wifi, 3G, 4G, and ethernet networks.

Also being deployed is the Streambox NODE for live video playout to connected TVs & monitors. The NODE is a small form-factor HDMI media player supporting ten video channels which will automatically “pull” live video from the Streambox Cloud or Enterprise Server. This player is mainly used for low latency video monitoring of broadcasts to help coordinate live productions.

Steambox Cloud also provides live HD and 360 streaming from a single source to multiple social media providers like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

For more information on Streambox products click on the links below. For additional information or questions on the AVENIR Micro or NODE please contact our sales team. Also, if you wanna check out what else is new from Streambox, check out our “What’s New?” page for more information.


Streambox Brings Forward New and Exciting Products for 2018

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2018 will be an exciting year for Streambox, with many new product innovations including the new, more efficient ACT-L5 codec. We have released a number of new products and services for video professionals. Products like, the new Chroma RackmountVideo EncryptioniOS Media Player, and the upcoming NODE 2.

Streambox’s ACT-L5 compression codec provides the 12-bit, RGB 4:4:4 color profile required for cinematic, episodic, and commercial color grading and editing. Post production professionals can do native 12-bit RGB to simplify overall workflow.

Producers, engineers, and colorists can now deliver real-time services with a bottom line advantage for color correction, remote editorial, and final review. In addition, users can upgrade Streambox Chroma rackmounts with add-ons such as DCI 4K/2K with 4:4:4 RGB color in 12 or 10-bit and 12G-SDI, HDR, uncompressed audio, and native support for Rec.2020, DCI P3, and Rec.709.

Streambox iOS Media Player is a software decoder for iPad and iPhone devices. IP video is received from Streambox encoders or from Streambox Cloud services. It is well suited for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint streaming with streams being pushed (routed to) or pulled from Streambox Cloud Services. IPad screens are designed to handle P3 color space natively and provide perfect color match for POST reviews.

The Streambox Multi-Channel Sync Decoder can receive up to 8 video streams that will be synchronized to a user selected master stream and output as genlocked and synchronized 8 HD-SDI streams. The Decoder can receive streams from any of the Streambox Avenir line: Micro, Drone, Mini 4; or the Chroma 4K/2K/HD DCI Rackmount Encoder.

For more information on Streambox products please click the links below. If you are interested in purchasing any of our products please contact our sales team. Also, if you wanna check out what else is new from Streambox, check out our “What’s New?” page for more information.


Introducing the Re-Branded Streambox Chroma Rackmount

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The Streambox Chroma Encoder/Decoder rackmount with ACT-L5 codec is uniquely suited for Post Production workflows with support for 12-bit, 4:4:4 color, and the Rec.709, DCI-P3, and Rec. 2020 gamut specifications.

Streambox has taken its Chroma 2 steps further with support for:

• High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video
• Uncompressed Audio

“HDR will provide a deeper, more precise color range with greater contrast control for the growing UHD media market” said Alex Telitsine, CTO. Add to that support for embedded uncompressed audio for a rich, unadulterated sound. CEO, Bob Hildeman is committed to delivering industry leading Post Production products – “Streambox is dedicated to meeting the needs of the Post Production industry.”

ACT-L5 Codec is Ideal for Cinematic Color Grading

• HD, 2K, 4K
• 4:4:4, 4:2:2, and 4:2:0 color
• 12, 10, and 8-bit color depth
• Rec.709, DCI-P3, and Rec.2020 color gamut
• Native RGB support
• Native high dynamic range (HDR)
• Native High Frame Rate (HFR)
• Uncompressed Audio

Streambox Chroma is Ideal for Collaborative Workflows

• ACT-L5 Codec
• Video Encryption – end-to-end AES 128-bit encryption (256-bit available with added restrictions)
• LDMP Bonding Protocol – 500ms to 2sec end-to-end latency over fiber and public internet networks
• Remote monitoring with NODE™ Media Player and iOS Media Player – is ideal for real-time collaboration with colorist, editors, director, and producers; where ever they may be located
• Upgrade Path – Meet your HD and 2K Post Production needs today, upgrade via license for tomorrow’s 4K needs

For more information on Streambox products and the Streambox Chroma please click the links below. If you are interested in purchasing the Chroma please contact our sales team.

streambox node

Streambox NODE: Low Cost Media Player for TV’s and Monitors

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The Streambox NODE is a small form factor media player device supporting ten programmable video channels which will automatically “pull” live video from Streambox Cloud and Enterprise Server or directly from an encoder for live video playout to connected TVs & monitors.

The Streambox NODE Decoder/Player delivers true HD video and is very easy to use. It has an Ethernet (RJ45) connection for Internet connectibity and an HDMI out for video display. The NODE is ideally suited for mobile or remote operations.

streambox node with monitor

For low cost automated video playout Node provides a consistent high quality live video stream. An Ethernet and HDMI connection are all you need for unparalleled HD streaming to a connected TV. Ease of use is key to how Streambox NODE stands out from the pack. With Automated Video Routing you are able to setup the NODE once, then it automatically finds the correct encoder in the future, providing a quick setup and peace of mind.

Each programmable channel can automatically pull or receive a unique video stream from the Streambox Cloud or from point-to-point connection; based on predefined metadata. Stream pull allows the NODE to work behind NAT/firewall without static IP (requires Streambox Cloud or Enterprise Server). The NODE can be left running 24/7 and render the stream in real time as it arrives. Users can use front panel buttons to open the on-screen display and select channels.


Streambox offers security video encryption for live and archived video. The wide use of digital images and videos in various applications brings serious attention to security and privacy issues today. Data encryption is a suitable method to protect this data.

Learn more about video encryption from our web page, blog post and flyer:

For more information please visit the NODE page and view our PowerPoint:

For purchasing options and more information please reach out to our sales team at: sales@streambox.com