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See How To Picture Perfect Pixels for Post-Production Workflows

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Read this Application Note and understand how Streambox solutions enable live streaming with high quality and low latency for various post-production environments.

Streambox offers systems for acquiring, transporting, and playing out streaming media. This document describes what are these components and how they can be combined in different ways depending on workflow requirements. Solutions for large and small productions, as well as advertising and creative agencies are discussed.

Download the Application Note here

Streambox Introduces Mobile Media Player Application

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Mobile Media Player is an application supporting ten programmable video channels designed to integrate with other Streambox components for cost-effective viewing of high quality video on iPads and iPhones in real-time. The Mobile Media Player application is ideally suited for mobile or remote operations in production and other streaming workflows.

During live productions, vital personnel such as reporters, directors, and producers can get a real-time view from anywhere in the world and can monitor live video feeds. When applied to post-production, activities such as live remote editing and review of dailies can be done collaboratively in real-time. Used in security or public safety environments where immediate response is required, critical monitoring can occur from almost any location. In education, teachers can bring a real-time visual experience for students in remote locations. Complex procedures can be monitored for advisement by various types of technical specialists.

Mobile Media Player displays video in resolutions up to 2K. To sustain such superior quality media, Mobile Media Player uses Streambox reliable transport network protocol. Playout can include up to 6 channels of uncompressed audio.

The Mobile Media Player application is compatible with iPad and iPhone devices running operation system version 10 or higher and can be used with mobile and Wi-Fi networks for Internet connectivity.

Mobile Media Player is designed to automatically “pull” live video from Streambox Cloud Services, Streambox Enterprise Server, or directly point-to-point from various Streambox encoders such as Chroma for live playout.

Mobile Media Player keeps content secure as well by offering full video encryption for live video. End-to-end encryption, with a symmetric key, forms a protective shield around the transport of valuable video content with no increase in stream latency.

For more information on the Streambox Media Player click here, or the link below. For additional information or questions on the Streambox Media Player please contact our sales team. Also, if you wanna check out what else is new from Streambox, check out our “What’s New?” page for more information.

iOS Media Player for Low Latency, Live Video on iOS Devices

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Streambox iOS Media Player is a software media player for iPad and iPhone devices; coming soon. Designed for ease of use, iOS Media Player automatically receives high-quality HD and 2K videos from Streambox Cloud, Enterprise Server, or direct from a Streambox encoder. The iOS Media Player also delivers ‘Low latency’ live mobile video which is critical for live broadcasters, post-production studios, public safety agencies, and enterprises customers needing the live video for immediate decision making. Furthermore, iPad screens are designed to handle a P3 color space natively and provide the perfect color match for POST reviews. Coming soon – Streambox Android Media Player.

iOS Media Player Key Features:

  • Encrypted video streams
  • Low latency streams from Streambox Cloud,  Enterprise Server, or any Streambox Encoder
  • Setup and configure 10 video channels per device
  • Advanced color profiles P3
  • 4:2:2, and 4:2:0 color profiles including RGB
  • 12 Mbps professional quality video with  one – two seconds latency
  • Receives video directly from Streambox Cloud services, Enterprise Server, or any Streambox Encoder
  • Offers custom video presets


Our Streaming solution is open to the Internet with an automated and simplified workflow allowing anyone to stream live video to the Streambox iOS Media Player. The iOS Media Player works with the Streambox Cloud utilizing the worldwide Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing our users to take advantage of more efficient video transport for post-production reviews, live on-air broadcasts, for remote monitoring, or to be archived for later use.

Click here for more information about the Streambox iOS Media Player.