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Streambox Demonstrates Live Streaming of Cinematic Quality Video

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Streambox has completed a demonstration of streaming 2K RBG 4:4:4 12-bit video at 50 Mbps over the public Internet from Instinctual VFX in Los Angeles to the Dolby theater screening room in London.

Using Streambox Chroma encoder/decoders and Streambox Cloud Services, a cinema-quality video was acquired and transported to a large screen display with no compromise in quality, and with the latency of fewer than 2 seconds with no optimization required. This same combination could also be used to send to multiple locations around the world.

Streambox Chroma with picture perfect pixels provides secure, real-time, remote, collaborative workflows for post-production professionals. Chroma offers low latency HD, 2K, and UHD/4K video over public and private IP networks. Producers, engineers, and colorists are able to deliver real-time services with a real bottom line advantage for color grading, remote editorial, and live reviews.

Streambox Cloud Services provides global video transport for contribution, streaming, and distribution. Services include collaboration tools designed for post-production and other use cases. Users are able to send private session invitations, share encrypted content, and conduct group review sessions to share high quality, low latency video. Reliable video transport services include automated routing and management tools, and support for a variety of formats up to UHD/4K.


Color Fidelity Test for Streambox Chroma in Native RGB, XYZ Color and YCrCb 4:2:2 for SDR or HDR

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The Streambox Chroma rackmount half-duplex Encoder/Decoder with ACT-L5 codec is well suited for post-production editing and color correction workflows in SDR or HDR. The ACT-L5 codec supports Native RGB and XYZ color space, 10 and 12-bit color depth, and the 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 color profiles. The Streambox Chroma rackmount has been tested for color stability and fidelity and has met SMPTE 372 standard including HDR modes.

Native RGB vs DCI/ICT RGB Test

A color-bar software generator (Blackmagic 4K monitor, SDI out) was connected to a Streambox Chroma Encoder (with Blackmagic 12G Pro, SDI-in) which was connected to a Streambox Chroma Decoder via an IP network hub. The decoder output was to a Blackmagic 4K monitor. On the decoder, we read the SDI value averages before data is passed through the SDI out (after all conversions are complete). Findings:

Native RGB encoding does not perform any color transform and encodes RGB values natively. RGB ICT mode performs RGB transform to/from DCI ICT (compatible with DCI ICT, ISO/IEC 15444-1). Both modes are supported via Streambox Croma UI. Streambox Chroma supports both full and legal ranges.
Following test were performed in Full range mode.
• Native RGB has less errors than ICT (+1 in last 12-bit digit)
• Clipping for reserved SMPTE 372, 12-bit SDI values:
Software generated values 0-15 are clipped to 16 by hardware (base)
Software generated values 4080 to 4096 are mapped to 4079 by hardware (ceiling)

The 10 Bit 4:2:2 Chromatic Test for Rec.709/Rec.2020 (HDR)

A Streambox Chroma Encoder with Decklink 4K Pro was connected through a network hub to an identical Streambox Chroma Decoder.1 Source format: 1080p24. The encoder was set to Full 2K resolution, 10-bit color depth, 4:2:2 color profile, and Rec 709 color space. The decoder was in test mode. The table below shows that the color values were identical between the source and the decoder out.2 The values where stable with no vibration. Since no color space conversion is performed in 4:2:2 mode, the same result applies to Rec.2020 signal fidelity.


The Streambox Chroma rackmount Encoder/Decoder with ACT-L5 compression and support for Native RGB 4:4:4 and YCrCb 4:2:2 delivers color coding consistent with SMPTE 372 standards. Furthermore, these tests demonstrate that the measured colors before and after chromatic conversions were identical, making the Streambox Chroma ideal for color correction workflows including support Rec.709, DCI P3, Rec.2020, HDR10 PQ/HLG and Dolby Vision.

For more information on Streambox Chroma click here, or the link below. For additional information or questions on the Streambox Chroma please contact our sales team. Also, if you wanna check out what else is new from Streambox, check out our “What’s New?” page for more information.

1. Both Encoder and Decoder are the same models, one running the encoder software and the over running the decoder software.↩
2 Testing was carried out with a Leader LV-7700 Rasterized SDI Signal Monitor↩


Mixing Light Talks About Streambox Products and Solutions

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Mixing Light reviews Streambox in their Breaking Geographic Boundaries: Remote Grading Part 2 article tutorial. Streambox provides a range of products and solutions for post production live reviews and for low latency video video contribution. Popular among various post production and studio companies across the globe, Streambox has driven its technology, products and solutions to provide collaborative tools for end to end post production workflows.

Streambox has developed a new product line called the Streambox Chroma. This new product line is a modular upgradeable solution, from HD, 2K and 4K which supports low latency HDR and 12 bit 4:4:4 RGB encoding and decoding products. This new encoder / decoder rackmount series is fully upgradable, and is based on the industry-leading ACT-L3/L5 codec for unrivaled performance, reliability, high quality and low latency. The Chroma rackmounts are best suited for Broadcast and secure collaboration for Post Production workflows.

The Chroma Rackmount series include HD, 2K and 4K systems. Made to be future-proof, Chroma can be upgraded any time using its software upgrade path. This new approach reduces costs and increases productivity. No longer will video editing and streaming professionals have to worry about buying new hardware each year. The Chroma upgrade path allows its users to upgrade their software as they see fit.

For more information on the Mixing Light article click here or the link below. For additional information or questions on the Streambox Chroma please contact our sales team. Also, if you wanna check out what else is new from Streambox, check out our “What’s New?” page for more information.


Streambox Products Capture Live Video of Royal Wedding

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Streambox products are used by major broadcast networks throughout the world and will be deployed at the Royal Wedding this Saturday, May 19th 2018. Products used for live video broadcasts over IP networks include the small form-factor AVENIR Micro encoder and the NODE media player for local review.

The Micro provides enhanced bonded connectivity capabilities with efficient encoding for high quality HD broadcast contribution. Designed for easy integration and outstanding quality, the low-powered Micro can be used to capture via HD-SDI or HDMI from broadcast cameras or other video sources  for transmission over satellite, Wifi, 3G, 4G, and ethernet networks.

Also being deployed is the Streambox NODE for live video playout to connected TVs & monitors. The NODE is a small form-factor HDMI media player supporting ten video channels which will automatically “pull” live video from the Streambox Cloud or Enterprise Server. This player is mainly used for low latency video monitoring of broadcasts to help coordinate live productions.

Steambox Cloud also provides live HD and 360 streaming from a single source to multiple social media providers like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

For more information on Streambox products click on the links below. For additional information or questions on the AVENIR Micro or NODE please contact our sales team. Also, if you wanna check out what else is new from Streambox, check out our “What’s New?” page for more information.


Streambox Chroma™ Supports Native Color Space

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Streambox is pleased to announce Native RGB / XYZ support for Streambox Chroma rackmounts. Chroma is the latest rackmount model from Streambox with support for HD, 2K, 4K, 12G-SDI, Encryption, and other features tailored for post-production workflows and broadcast contribution. Chroma is an industry leader with ACT-L5 and support for 12-bit 4:4:4 coding.

We provide SDI signals in 12 or 10-bit RGB, 4:4:4 mode:

  • Native RGB or XYZ color space will be encoded natively, avoiding any color conversion. This is a unique feature of Streambox Chroma and is well suited for high color precision HDR/Rec. 2020 or DCI-P3 workflows in 12-bit, or for direct output to projectors.
  • DCI, Inter-component Color Transform (ICT), RGB transform — is well suited for DCI-P3 workflows. This provides more efficient encoding vs native RGB/XYZ with modest color precession cost. On the decoder side, DCI-ICT will be converted to 10 or 12-bit RGB. It can be used for lower bitrate 10-bit HDR work as well.
  • Supports Rec.709 Full range standard for FHD broadcast — is the most efficient color transform for episodic TV workflow. On the decoder side, the video coding will be converted back to RGB.

So ask yourself, why deal with transformation artifacts when you can edit and color code within the native colorspace?

For more information on Streambox products and the Streambox Chroma please click the links below. If you are interested in purchasing the Chroma please contact our sales team. Also, if you wanna check out what else is new from Streambox, check out our “What’s New?” page for more information.