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Streambox Announces New Product Pricing Model

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Introducing a ‘pay-as-you-go’ plan for video professionals

Software has traditionally been purchased outright or included in the cost of a hardware product. Software Subscriptions, a fundamental shift in the way software is delivered, has changed the outdated ‘ownership’ model with a subscription model that deliver a new level of flexibility and agility.

How it Works

Purchase one or more of the streaming encoder/decoder products listed below. Since the software has been ‘decoupled’ from the hardware platform, the capital expense for hardware is a fraction of the original system price.  Now that you own the hardware you can rent the software on a monthly basis. Pause the subscription in between projects and reinstate it as needed! By ‘renting’ software for a fixed period, creatives gain the ability to take on jobs where the previous model of having to pay outright for technology might have been impractical.

Benefits of software subscriptions

  • Ensured of always having the latest security and feature sets
  • Move from a capital expense to an operating expense
  • Eliminate expense and need for support agreements
  • Subscription costs are predictable, making it easier to charge software costs directly to client projects and forecast for the future
  • The ability to ramp operating costs up or down based on need

Products Included in the New Program

Channels Television Selects Streambox for Nigerian Elections

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Channels Television in Nigeria, the largest privately-owned Nigerian Broadcaster, had previously implemented complete end-to-end streaming for national and global live and file- based video acquisition, contribution, management and distribution with the assistance of Otus Communications. Streambox systems include AVENIR Mini mobile network bonding encoders and 9300 decoders with Enterprise Server for video management, routing, archiving and playout between locations.

With the Nigerian Election cycle approaching, Channels Television was on a search for cutting edge technologies to support her initiative for expansion of News-gathering capabilities. Channels conducted a pilot program to test the latest AVENIR Mini 5 camera mountable mobile encoder featuring increased quality, performance, and bandwidth. After assessing the video quality and ease of use, Channels Television purchased several AVENIR MINI 5 units and began to put the AVENIR MINI into regular use prior to the elections, moving around the country interviewing election stakeholders, election monitors, and citizens. In this way Channels Television was able to quickly provide timely updates to keep viewers informed.

Streaming content on the field is sent out from the AVENIR MINI back to the central facility using 3G and 4G connectivity. The use of mobile networks in Nigeria can be very challenging in some areas due to limitations on coverage and bandwidth. In places where signal strength is lacking, Channel Television staff was able to make quick adjustments on the encoder and still successfully transport content. Use of the AVENIR Mini continued through the election process and for follow up after the event. Now AVENIR is being deployed for regular news gathering. More recently it was utilized on location to cover live activities of rescue operatives at a tragic building collapse.

The integrated camera mountable system is based on a mobile hardware device CPU that enables HD-SDI and HDMI video capture. Mini 5 is a small form factor, lightweight device weighing just 1.1 kg, typically consuming 25 watts of power in standby to 60W with modem streaming for extended battery operations and providing 0.5 up to 20 Mbps of bandwidth. Mini 5 includes 5 internal cellular modems and support for up to 5 USB modems for enhanced flexibility in diverse use cases. A version without internal modems is also available.

By using existing cellular and other network data plans, Mini 5 helps lower monthly OpEx costs, compared to leasing extra equipment and services that include marked-up data plans. The Mini 5, with its superior video compression and transport, consumes up to 30% less data for HD video, helping to lower data consumption of live streaming news and events.

For Channels Television the combination of video quality, ease of use, and the ability to stream even in challenging low bandwidth conditions, makes streaming solutions from Streambox a winner.

Streambox Makes the Cut with Remote Editing

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Alan Bell is an award-winning features editor and visual effects creator. Some of his latest projects include Red Sparrow, The Dark Tower and 3 of the Hunger Games releases. Currently he is working as the supervising editor on a project for a group of 3 horror movies.

Alan made a lifestyle change about one and a half years ago and moved from Los Angeles to New Hampshire. He purchased a house there and built a complete editing office in the basement. To achieve his goal of remote editing he required a solution to collaborate with directors wherever they worked from being able to play out of his Avid systems with encrypted content.

In a previous project Alan had used a streaming collaboration system but it used an intense amount of bandwidth and had a long 3 second latency that made it impractical for use in his new surroundings. The high price eliminated it as a cost-effective solution for Alan as an independent professional.

Researching different solutions around 3 years ago, Alan tested Streambox and a software only system. The other system worked reasonably well but could not provide the necessary quality, and it is considerably more expensive. So when it came time to start the current project with the director and edit team in Los Angeles, Streambox was the obvious solution.

As Alan puts it, Streambox is the key feature of his toolbox for remote editing He uses a Streambox Chroma X encoder in his office to stream out to destinations with Streambox Cloud Services for reliable transport. The director can choose to view the material in her office using a NODE 2 compact media player device or her iPad or iPhone. He adjusts the resolution on the Chroma X depending on which device is being used for viewing. Alan appreciates that he is able to send the director as little or as much material as needed for each session. Alan states, I just turn it on, control the system from my laptop, they start watching, and it all just works. During the session he can starts and stop the stream as needed for detailed review.

NODE 2 player provides a high quality and reliable viewing experience being connected to the network in the director’s office and is not dependent on the quality of a WiFi network when using a tablet or phone. It is set up for stereo audio, but Alan intends to use 5.1 audio in the future. For future projects where Alan would be working day to day with a director, he would replicate the same set up on both sides. Even though he is using full HD for review in this project, it is important to Alan that Streambox can offer 4K DCI video with 4:4:4 RGB and HDR support along with up to 16 channels of audio. Some of Alan’s work requires the use of a theater environment so it is a big advantage to him that many review theaters operated by companies including Deluxe and Dolby also use Streambox technology.

Alan explains his sales pitch to directors is that he wants to work their project but not have to be on location for months. With Streambox he can work remotely on a day to day basis and be more productive while incurring less cost. Streambox permits him to offer convenience when working on projects that would not be possible otherwise. Alan has become a fan, and exclaims, I love this product, I love that it is so easy to use!

Alan believes the real beauty of remote collaboration is that individuals can move beyond the traditional production centers such as Los Angeles, New York, and London and be able to work just as if they were right next to each other. He considers that this kind of collaboration goes beyond just editing to all sorts of creative aspects in life including modeling and design, so there is lots of opportunity for this sort of technology implementation.

For more information on the Streambox Chroma X  or NODE 2 click here, or the link below. For additional information or questions please contact our sales team.

Update for Streambox Cloud Encoder for Mac OSX

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Streambox introduces a new update for the free Cloud Encoder software. In the past, the free version of the Cloud Encoder always pointed to the nearest cloud server. Now, with this update, customers are able to point to the desired cloud server of their choosing. With this new available option, sessions can be tested on distance Cloud Servers, as well as simply testing the workflow of setting up an Encoder in one place that’ll be used in another.

After the update, you can set the Cloud Encoder to stream to any specific Cloud Server using either its IP address (e.g. or its specific name (e.g.

Set the Target Decoder in the Network Menu

Set and apply settings for target Cloud Server

The other change that was made to the Cloud Encoder was to add “Set Kit Menu” to the Service Menu. One challenge some customers had was that they have multiple Cloud Encoders in the field, with more than one in use at the same time, and the wanted to know which laptop a given stream was coming from.

Now with the added Set Kit Name option, customers can assign a name to a particular laptop. When the stream hits the Cloud Server, the Kit Name shows up in the Cloud Server’s stream information (on the Live Tab). A user logged in to the Cloud can see which Encoder a given stream is coming from, as long as the Kit Name is unique.

“Set Kit Name” was added to the Service Menu, so a name can be assigned to a particular laptop

After clicking “Set Kit Name” the user is able to input the name of the device

For more information on the Streambox Cloud Encoder click here, or the link below. For additional information or questions on the Streambox Cloud Encoder please contact our sales team. Also, if you wanna check out our list of Cloud Servers and their IP addresses click here.

Streambox Sessions™ makes digital media production collaboration easy for post-production, broadcast, and other media organizations

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Streambox is introducing a simple and cost-effective way to connect media professionals who require remote, real-time collaboration of high quality, color-rich, content across multiple locations without reviewers needing a Cloud account or needing  to connect with Streambox Cloud directly.

Streambox Sessions™ makes digital media production collaboration easy for post-production, broadcast, and other media organizations. Sessions is ideal for offsite producers, directors, colorists, editors, advisors, and others who need to participate in productions no matter where they are located.

Once a streaming session is set up and scheduled using the Streambox Cloud Server web app with administrator level access, a Session ID is generated. This ID code is sent out to everyone with a Streambox media player or decoder.

All anyone who is collaborating on the project needs to do is enter the code in the Session ID field of their Streambox Media Player or decoder, and they are immediately connected and ready for real-time review with no need for setup, managing the network, or performing configurations. Once streaming begins from a Streambox Encoder to the Session, all connected collaborators see the video stream on their Streambox media players and decoders.

Streambox Sessions™ works with Chroma, Chroma X, AVENIR, and software encoders on the origination side, and Chroma, Chroma X, AVENIR Micro 2, NODE, Streambox Player, Streambox Player Pro, and Mobile Media Player for iOS as media players.

This quick to set up and easy to use model is also cost-effective as the host organization only pays for what they use. Organizations can purchase a set amount of data through the Streambox on-line store or by contacting Streambox sales.

More media professionals are discovering the benefits of streaming in their workflows. By offering a service that is low on cost and complexity, Streambox make this capability even easier for organizations to adopt and utilize on a regular basis.