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Post Production

SMPTE 2017

Streambox Attends Annual Technical Conference SMPTE 2017

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Streambox will be attending SMPTE 2017 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) will be taking place in Hollywood, CA October 23rd-26th. The event was first introduced in 1916, and has since then been awarded several Oscar and Emmy awards for its work pushing forward the advancement of moving-imagery engineering. The “Society” is molding the common practices and providing education for the film industry as it evolves further into IT- and IP-based workflows.

HD Rackmount Upgrades

Streambox intends to help push the common standards and practices of recording film with their latest products and technology. The newest product from Streambox, the HD Rackmount will be showed off at the conference. By providing low-latency, the rackmount is designed for reliable video streaming and collaboration over IP networks. The rackmount is able to be upgraded for 2K and 4 Channel Audio. With secure End-to-End video encryption and its ease of use, the HD rackmount should create some buzz at SMPTE.

For more information on Streambox products and services or the chance for a meeting at the event please fill out the form below.






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2K Encoder & Decoder

New 2K-HD Encoder and Decoder

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Streambox is proud to announce its newest product, the 2K-HD Encoder and Decoder, designed for post production collaboration. The 2K-HD encoder and decoder system extends on widely deployed ACT-L3 HD encoders at many leading film studios, post production facilities, and advertising agencies. The 2K-HD  provides secure, real-time, remote, collaborative workflows for post production professionals by providing low latency HD and 2K video over public and private IP networks. Producers, engineers, and colorists can now deliver real-time services with a bottom line advantage for color correction, remote editorial, and final review. The 2K-HD encoder and decoder stands out because of its high video quality over low bandwidth IP, ease of use, and security. Streambox is offering a savings of $8,835 off of pair of 2K-HD Encoders through May 31, 2017.

Video Quality

The Streambox 2K-HD Encoder and Decoder sends high-quality, color accurate, 10-bit video over IP networks with bitrates up to 75 Mbps (the compression sweet spots for remote color grading and edit reviews is between 10 Mbps – 30 Mbps). The 2K-HD Encoder and Decoder uses the new ACT-L3 AP 2017 compression and Low Delay Multi-Path protocol (LDMP) for reliable transport over IP networks.

Ease of Use

The Streambox 2K-HD Encoder and Decoder offers a 1-2 second, end-to-end, stream latency for real-time collaboration. The encoder and decoder can be controlled both remotely, ideal for a non-technical team member to view content without any setup, or locally, ideal for technical team members that want full control over equipment. The 2K-HD Encoder and Decoder accommodates secure one-to-one collaboration workflows (e.g., technical team members collaborating remotely) and secure one-to-many review and approval workflows (e.g., executive review by the entire team).


The Streambox 2K-HD Encoder and Decoder comes standard with end-to-end AES 128-bit encryption for secure video content transport (with AES 192-bit and 256-bit encryption available upon request). Streambox encryption does not increase latency and security is further augmented by the New ACT-L3 AP 2017 proprietary compression codec.

Streambox Technology

Advanced Streaming Codec

All Streambox products are powered by the proprietary codec, Advanced Compression Technology – Level 3 (ACT-L3). Streambox ACT-L3 compression allows for fast encoding with low latency and is optimized for video transmission over any IP connection. ACT-L3 is capable of compressing high motion, complex video at low data rates with the advanced motion search feature.

Streambox LDMP Technology

All Streambox products come equipped with Streambox exclusive Low Delay Multi-Path technology (LDMP). Streambox LDMP protocol allows low latency adaptive bitrate streaming on public and private networks. Streambox encoders will automatically select the best possible bandwidth, latency, and resolution over multiple IP networks, thus allowing Streambox products to gracefully handle network bandwidth fluctuations and dropouts, which are often seen over public or shared network environments.

Key Benefits:

  • New Streambox ACT-L3 AP 2017 proprietary codec
  • LDMP reliable transport over public and private IP networks
  • 1-2 second end-to-end latency over public networks
  • No fiber or MPLS required
  • Secure end-to-end encryption to protect content
  • One-to-one or one-to-many encrypted collaboration via private network or Streambox Cloud
  • Playout on Software Media Player

Contact Sales

Contact sales at by May 31, 2017 to preorder two 2K-HD Encoders and save $8,835 for June delivery(discounts includes: Second Year Warranty = $4,635, Streambox Cloud Standard Package = $1,200, Decoder price on second Encoder= $3,000).


Streambox Post Cloud and 2K Rackmount a Hit at NAB 2017

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Streambox’s suite of new Post Production Solutions were well received at NAB 2017 — addressing the much needed Internet applications for cinematic and TV video color grading and remote editing. The new Streambox Post Cloud provides a platform for remote, live video, group review, and editing sessions with AES-128 encryption for content security. The new 2K Rackmount Encoder and Decoder comes with an enhanced ACT-L3 codec to deliver higher quality video for accurate color grading and editing. We are pleased that the Streambox Post Production Solutions have been so well received by so many post production companies and professionals attending NAB.

Post Production Cloud

New Post Production Cloud

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Streambox’s new Post Production Cloud Service offers an industry specific interface with collaboration tools designed for the needs of professionals in the film and advertising post production industry. The custom Cloud portal allows users to send private sessions invitations and share encrypted, high-quality HD and 4K low latency videos for review, edits and color grading. Once an invitee logs in, the encrypted video is automatically pulled from the Streambox Cloud. The invitee, be they a producer, director, editor, colorist, sound engineer, continuity editor, and so on, can then review the video seamlessly and simultaneously collaborate from anywhere in the world.

1. Send Private Session Invitations

2. Invitees Log In

3. Live Review Session

Key Benefits:

  • Simple and secure collaboration
  • Host initiated via invitation
  • Live and recorded encrypted video stream
  • Secure Media Players provided for collaboration
  • Stream and review 10 bit, 4.2.2, 1080p video