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Streambox and Aircraft Traders Belgium Partner for UAV Streaming

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February 22, 2017 Seattle and Belgium – Aircraft Traders Belgium will be integrating Streambox Avenir Drone Mobile Encoder and Embedded Modem Module into its Guardian Eye unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Avenir Drone will provide an onboard Internet connection and video encoder for Guardian Eye to stream live HD video and increase its autopilot capabilities beyond radio transmission range of the ground station.

Streambox Avenir Drone is the ideal mobile video encoder for Aircraft Traders Belgium’s Guardian Eye for its small form factor, low power usage, and high quality live video streaming over bonded cellular networks with an approximate 2 second latency. The integrated Avenir Drone for Aircraft Traders Belgium will include all the hardware and software of the retail version of Streambox’s Avenir Drone Encoder, but will be custom-fitted into the fuselage of Guardian Eye. Streambox’s retail Avenir Drone is built around a modular and stackable design concept for maximum portability and customization with battery, modem, and signal extender modules. The OEM version of Avenir Drone that Streambox will produce for Aircraft Traders Belgium will include the Embedded Modem Module and will not require a battery module, instead drawing from the Guardian Eye’s battery for power.

Aircraft Traders Belgium’s Guardian Eye has a fiberglass fuselage and carbon fiber wings (2.20 m fixed wingspan) with a 5 to 6 hours endurance using Lipo batteries and solar cell energy at a 25 knot cruise speed. The Guardian Eye can handle a 2.5 kg payload, has fully autonomous take-off and landing, and is sealed against rain and snow. Other advanced features include: target tracking, electronic stabilization, scene steering, real-time mosaicking, path track software, as well as video on the map.

With Avenir Drone, Guardian Eye can livestream high quality HD video filmed with the onboard camera. Video is encoded with Streambox’s highly efficient ACT-L3 codec and delivered to Streambox Cloud via the Embedded Modem Module’s bonded 3G/4G/LTE connections. Streambox Cloud transcodes and routes the video to social media, web/mobile devices, media players, and decoders.

Guardian Eye with Avenir Drone has a range of 15 to 20 km using the 2.4 MHz radio frequency or 3G/4G as coverage provides from the ground station. Streambox integrated a RJ-45 connector in Aviner Drone to interface with the Guardian Eye’s autopilot that will enable extended communication with the Ground Station through the 3G/4G/LTE connection that can modify the flight plan, change the route, or transmit any other instructions for the mission. That is, even if Guardian Eye flies out of radio range of the ground station, the autopilot will still be functional because of Avenir Drone.

Guardian Eye with Avenir Drone and Embedded Modem Module provides private, civil, and scientific customers the ability to collect data where manned aircraft missions would be too expensive or dangerous. They will be able to stream many hours of live video for electrical power transmission line inspections, anti-poaching, ariel crop monitoring, law enforcement, border patrol, surveillance, disaster relief, emergency services, and many other applications.

About Aircraft Traders Belgium
AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM s.a. was founded in Belgium in 2001. It specializes in the sale and the purchase of freighters aircraft. After the 2008 crisis, AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM s.a. oriented their activities into the operational domain of Aviation with the leasing of their own fleet of aircraft to operators located in Africa, Middle East and Central America developing very good relations with the Civil Aviation Authorities of these countries which did not hesitate to contact them to supply drones for local end-users. They made the decision to manufacture the GUARDIAN EYE with the assistance of the University of Liège in Belgium. Early in 2015, the first carbon fiber prototype flew and they began mass production in 2016 of the GUARDIAN EYE integrated with the most developed technologies such as Streambox and Altadevices products.

About Streambox
Founded in 1999, Streambox is an industry leader and pioneer in developing unique IP based video streaming solutions and cloud based streaming services. Streambox delivers mobile video everywhere, allowing companies and organizations to broadcast, share, and stream video from anywhere with unlimited scalability at lower costs. The Streambox platform of professional live and file-based 360/HD/SD software and hardware for video transport, management, and play out streamlines the workflow for any broadcasting and streaming need. Streambox technology is based on the ACT-L3™ proprietary video compression which allows faster encoding with low-latency and adaptive bitrate streaming over public/private networks.


Streambox at Inter BEE 2016

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One of Asia’s premiere broadcast equipment retailers, Totsu International, will be featuring Streambox products at the International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition (Inter BEE) 2016 Wednesday, November 16th through Friday, November 18th.

Totsu International will be demonstrating and exhibiting Streambox Avenir Micro and Drone mobile encoders, NDI Player, Tricaster Add-on, 4K Encoder/Decoder, and Cloud to an expected 36,000 visitors from 32 countries.


Streambox Avenir Micro and Drone are modular and stackable mobile encoders for transmitting SD and full HD low-latency video over bonded 3G, 4G, WiFi, ethernet, SNG, DNG, BGAN, VSAT satellite, and internet networks. Designed for easy integration and outstanding quality, the miniature, low-power devices support HDR video and can be used with HD-SDI and HDMI cameras. The Avenir encoders can be used for streaming live events, public safety video, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) video, and various other video applications.

Streambox NDI Player allows users to seamlessly receive and decode live video from any Streambox encoder to a compatible NDI receiver. NDI allows multiple video systems to identify and communicate with one another over IP for encoding, transmitting, and receiving many streams of high quality, low latency, frame-accurate video and audio in real-time.


The Tricaster Add-on allows Streambox users to directly stream live HD/SD video at resolutions up to 1080p from any Streambox encoder (both hardware and software) into a TriCaster production system.

Streambox 4K Rackmount Encoder/Decoder is designed for low-bandwidth high quality 4K UHD video encoding, transmission, and playout of either live or file-based SD, HD, or UHD video over IP networks. This reduces broadcast costs while maintaining high-performance and reliability for professionals working with the highest quality video available today.


Streambox Cloud is a secure, end-to-end service for encoding, routing, archiving, transcoding, management, and playout for live videos. Cloud Services includes free software Cloud encoders, apps, and media players, a globally distributed server network, video routing tools, management and metadata software, and native integration with Facebook and YouTube, all for both live and archived video.


Streambox livestreamed IMMERSE to Facebook and YouTube

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On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 Streambox powered the official livestream of The IMMERSE Technology Summit from Bellevue, Washington to YouTube and separate sessions and interviews to Facebook. Using Streambox Avenir Micro with an Embedded Module Module and Streambox Cloud, Streambox captured conference sessions, the expo, and interviews by CNDY Factory, in full HD and 360.

The IMMERSE Technology Summit is the Northwest’s premier event for VR/AR and Mixed Reality business leaders, developers, content creators, software architects, hardware engineers and researchers. This year 1,000 attendees in manufacturing, design, education, health and medicine, architecture, real estate, social experiences, tourism, entertainment and beyond connected over the latest VR technologies and Streambox livestreamed it.

Immerse 2016, Interviews with CNDY Factory and Streambox, Inc.

Posted by Streambox, Inc. on Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Streambox powered three separate camera feeds, all going to Facebook and YouTube. One stream was from a fixed camera capturing the sessions in HD. The second stream was also a fixed HD stream for CNDY Factory’s interviews. The third was a 360 feed roaming around the expo hall where viewers could be truly immersed in the summit experience.

For each feed Streambox used an Avenir Micro with Embedded Modem Module outfitted with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint SIM cards. The Avenir Micro compressed the video using the priority ACT-L3 codec and bonded the cellular carriers for delivery to Streambox Cloud for transcoding and live adaptive multi-bitrate playout to Facebook and YouTube.

The three streams looked great and allowed many people on Facebook to experience the summit. All in all it was a success on every level.

Immerse 2016, Shark Tank

Posted by Streambox, Inc. on Tuesday, October 11, 2016


City of Seattle Live Streams with Streambox

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On Monday, September 26, 2016, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray used Streambox to livestream his 2017 city budget proposal to YouTube, Facebook, and the city’s websites.

While Mayor Murray gave his speech from City Hall, Seattle Channel, Seattle’s government access TV station, had a Streambox 9200 rackmount at its broadcast center receiving video from the HD video cameras. The 9200 encoded and sent the live video stream to Streambox Cloud for transcoding and delivery.

For redundancy Seattle Channel had a backup system of a ProRes camera connected to a Streambox Avenir Micro mobile encoder in City Hall Chambers. The Avenir Micro bonds all available wired and wireless networks for reliable streaming even in areas where one network would not suffice. Although the backup unit was not needed, having it available provided comfort for the staff concerned with reliability given previous streaming failures.

Seattle Channel used Streambox Cloud for distribution to Facebook, YouTube, and Seattle Channel’s website, as well as using Streambox’s embedded plugin for the City of Seattle website. Streambox provides multi bitrate streaming which matches the best possible resolution and bitrate with the viewer’s bandwidth, giving them the best video their internet speed will allow.

City of Seattle’s CTO, Michael Mattmiller, watched the feed on multiple devices to oversee reliability due to the fact that Seattle Channel’s previous solutions had not been able to achieve sustained reliability. Streambox performed perfectly on not only one, but four sites at once so Seattle Channel now has a clear and reliable solution for the future.


Bon Air Baptist Church Case Study

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Point-to-Multi-Point House of Worship Solution

Bon Air Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia is “one church, multiple locations” but needed a more efficient way to connect those locations. It wanted to move from physically driving the pastor’s message on hard drives to its satellite campuses to streaming the message to those campuses in HD. Bon Air Baptist bought new video equipment and chose Streambox as its video streaming solution for Streambox’s video quality, reliability, stability, and ease of time-shifting.

Before implementing its Streambox solution, Bon Air Baptist would record Senior Pastor Tom Stocks’ message in SD to two hard drives. The production team would check the files to make sure nothing had been corrupted then hand the hard drive to a driver ready to go to his designated campus 15 minutes away, leaving little cushion for errors (or traffic).

In addition to connecting The Village and James River campuses with Pastor Tom’s messages, the members of Bon Air Baptist wanted high-quality, no fail video. The media team modeled itself after broadcast producers and demanded broadcast quality.


As part of the bigger audio-visual upgrade and streaming implementation, Bon Air Baptist purchased new cameras, controllers, and mixers to replace its analog SD equipment, and used Streambox AVENIRMicro mobile encoder, Streambox Cloud, and Streambox 9200 rackmounts for its point-to-multipoint streaming solution.

Bon Air Baptist’s new Panasonic AW HE130 remotely controlled PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras feed into a Roland VR-50HD Multi-Format AV Mixer for live camera switching. All the camera feeds are recorded with Atomos Ninja 2 recorders, giving Bon Air Baptist a file library of all its messages. The produced video feed then goes to a Streambox AVENIRMicro mobile encoder for encoding and delivery. The AVENIRMicro was originally intended as a mobile unit, but the small form factor with all the rackmount encoder capabilities is perfect for Bon Air Baptist. It has all the power in a tidy package. One of the key reasons that Bon Air Baptist chose Streambox is the quality and reliability of Advanced Compression Technology – Level 3 (ACT-L3).  ACT-L3 is Streambox’s proprietary codec optimized for efficiency and low bandwidth use. Since video quality was paramount for Bon Air Baptist it needed compression that would ensure the integrity of the video through the encoding, delivery, and decoding process and Streambox’s ACT-L3 delivered.


The Streambox AVENIRMicro sends the encoded video to Streambox Cloud which features a robust and easy to use video management system. Using automated metadata-based routing and advanced user and group policies give Bon Air Baptist secure, authenticated, worry-free video contribution, distribution, and playout. Bon Air Baptist currently only streams to locations around the Richmond, Virginia area, but Streambox’s global network of servers is ready for fast and efficient streaming, routing, and video archiving whenever it is needed.

Time-shifting was another key selling point for Bon Air Baptist so Pastor Tom’s messages are routed automatically from Streambox Cloud to Streambox 9200 rackmounts, set to decode (the 9200 can also work as an encoder), at each satellite campus. From the 9200 the video feed goes through a Blackmagic Design Micro Converter to an iMac running ProPresenter software for projecting graphics and videos on four different screens.

With Streambox infrastructure in place Bon Air Baptist is set up for future expansion with minimal costs. It can add Cloud software encoders as need arises, a strategic way to make sure its money is spent reaching more people with its ministry.


The Buford Road Campus, where Senior Pastor Tom Stocks delivers his message live for streaming, and The Village campus both have fiber internet. Since fiber is not available to the James River Campus it uses a wireless router with Verizon SIM cards to connect to cellular towers for receiving live video streams. Streambox bonds all available IP networks to create the best possible streaming conditions, in this case, cellular carriers, but Streambox will also bond WiFi, ethernet, and internet at the same time. Streambox’s exclusive Low Delay Multi-Path (LDMP) technology is critical for reliable video transport and is integrated into Streambox encoders, decoders, and Cloud. LDMP continuously monitors encoders and networks to automatically adjust video parameters for the best quality video and network path over multiple IP networks. LDMP is enhanced by network bonding and allows quality video delivery even where network bandwidth fluctuates. LDMP means Bon Air Baptist does not have to worry about people on the nearby highway congesting a carrier’s tower with cell phone usage and the eating into Bon Air Baptist’s available bandwidth at critical moments.

While the most important factors in Bon Air Baptist’s choice to go with Streambox were the ACT-L3 codec (for it’s quality), stability of the system, and easy Streambox Cloud time-shifting, there were also some smaller benefits that played a part. Bon Air Baptist liked Streambox’s hardware encoder option. Some competitors only make software versions, but Bon Air Baptist wanted separate hardware units and it liked that the 9200 feels just like a windows computer. The media team was able to hook up a monitor and keyboard and have the familiar interface, but specific to its video production needs. The AVENIRMicro’s magnetic connectors (intended to easily add accessories) were also a nice bonus, allowing the media team to attach the unit to a metal tower, keeping the system tidy and tucked-away.


In the future, Bon Air Baptist will download free Cloud software encoders at its remote campuses to allow Pastor Tom to give his message from there with no additional cost. It will also start to stream live to Facebook and YouTube to allow members unable to attend a service the opportunity to hear the message.

Since implementing the Streambox solution Bon Air Baptist Church is now more “one church, multiple locations” than ever before. It has high-quality HD video on a stable system that is easy to use and expandable for the future. With its streaming video taken care of by Streambox, Bon Air Baptist can focus on spreading its ministries.

Avenir Micro Streambox Cloud 9200 Rackmount

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