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Introduction to Live streaming 360/VR video and YouTube Channel

With the Cloud Encoder, the next evolution of Streambox streaming technology, you can capture, stitch, encode, and stream live 360 video to YouTube over a variety of bandwidth conditions in 1080p30.


The Streambox Cloud Encoder provides everything you need for processing 360 video from a Ricoh camera. It captures 1920×1080 at 30fps, stitches, encodes, bonds over WiFI, LTE, LAN, and delivers the video to your YouTube Live Streaming account. The Streambox Cloud solution takes the complexity out of providing a live 360 video experience for your audience, ideal for video bloggers, live event producers, video journalist, and enthusiasts.

What’s Needed

  • Ricoh Theta S camera
  • MacBook Pro (2014-2016 models, i7 recommended)
  • BlackMagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder
  • Streambox Cloud Encoder (download free copy at:
  • Streambox Cloud and Youtube accounts configured for 360 streaming

Try Beta (Available Now)

Streambox has created a new branch of live streaming called StreamboxVR which has revealed a new software encoder that broadcasts live 360 video. Automated for 1-click 360 streaming, the OS X software encoder contains integrated video stitching, lens correction, and 360 camera specific presets designed for seamless live HD and 360 video streaming to Streambox Cloud. The adaptive bitrate encoder is capable of encoding full frame rate and full resolution 1920 x1080 360 videos from 2 Mbps to 30 Mbps in real time.

Try BetaSTREAMBOX_workflow_vr_360_4

Visit Us At StreamboxVR for More Information

 FAQ Download Manual


Announcing Streambox® Real-time VR Video Streaming to Oculus Rift® Headset Demonstrations at NAB Show in Las Vegas

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STREAMBOX_wave_header (1)

Announcing Streambox® Real-time VR Video Streaming to Oculus Rift® Headset Demonstrations at NAB Show in Las Vegas

The VR technology demonstrations include 4K VR video workflow from 3D & 360 video capture, video stitching, compression and transport to the cloud video servers for multiplayer Virtual Reality video distribution

Seattle, WA- April 15 2016– Streambox®, an industry leading pioneer delivering unique video streaming solutions, today announces its StreamboxVR®, an end-to-end 4K 3D and 360 virtual reality streaming infrastructure for Live Events, Sports, Broadcast, Education and Enterprise applications.

The StreamboxVR video infrastructure include 4K Encoder with proprietary ACT-L3 4K VR video compression optimized for high quality lower data rate 4K video and Cloud-based Live Server for video routing, archiving and management. The Cloud includes reliable video transport for video distribution and streaming to 4K VR Media Player for video play out.

The current StreamboxVR 4K Media Player is integrated with Oculus Rift® for 3D 4K and 360 live video streams. In the feature the VR 4K media player would support, Microsoft HoloLens®, Google Cardboard®, Samsung Gear VR®, HTC Vive® and others.

With much advancements and innovations in VR from the industry, StreamboxVR solves and improves upon video quality while lowering bandwidth and video infrastructure with reliable Low Delay Multi-Path video transport from capture to distribution of VR videos for both professional VR productions to consumers and enterprises using 360 cameras.

For VR video transmissions, StreamboxVR supports mobile networks by bonding all available 3G, 4G, LTE networks for higher bandwidth streaming with network reliability and redundancy.  

At NAB booth #SU8125, Streambox will be demonstrating 3D VR utilizing Blackmagic 4K cameras and 360 VR from Ricoh Theta camera utilizing StreamboxVR software, mobile hardware and cloud infrastructure.

We want to help solve VR problems and bring value with quality to professional VR productions for media, film and broadcast customer we serve today” said Bob Hildeman, Streambox Co-founder and CEO. “Additionally, VR brings opportunities for us to bring value with quality to consumers and enterprises that will be driving the VR usage and applications where our infrastructure would serve and service there needs and requirement.

VR is the future media platform that is technically challenging with many problems to solve and with large ecosystem being worked on by many companies,” said Alex Telisine Co-founder and CTO at Streambox Inc. “The core problems we could solve well today are live real-time VR/4K/3D and 360 video compression and video transport infrastructure where we have much knowledge, experience and IP.


About Streambox

Founded in 1999, Streambox is an industry leading pioneer developing unique IP base video streaming solutions and cloud based streaming services. Streambox delivers mobile video everywhere, allowing companies and organizations to broadcast, share, and stream video from anywhere with unlimited scalability at lower costs. The Streambox platform of professional live and file-based HD/SD software and hardware for video transport, management, and play out streamlines the workflow for any broadcasting and streaming need. Streambox technology is based on the ACT-L3™ proprietary video compression which allows faster encoding with low-latency and adaptive bit-rate streaming over public/private networks.
Learn more at
Media Contact
Name: Aleksandra Klimkiewicz
Title: Marketing Manager
Phone: +34656636248
Email address:

Streambox® Add On for NewTek™ TriCaster® Now Available

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World-class integration delivering high quality video acquisition, production and distribution

Seattle, WA – March 22nd , 2016 – Streambox®, an industry leading pioneer delivering unique video streaming solutions, today announced its new Streambox® Add-On for NewTek™ TriCaster®. This new offering integrates a full featured multi-camera, multi-resource, production system with world-class streaming video technology, offering an unprecedented user experience.

With this add-on Streambox users can now directly stream live HD/SD video at resolutions up to 1080p directly from Streambox Encoders into a TriCaster multi-camera video production system. Users have the flexibility of three modes to acquire multiple, ACT-L3, low latency video streams straight from Streambox Encoders, Streambox Cloud servers, or via a local multicast. This opportunity for enhanced production workflows provides high quality video acquisition, and cost effective live video production from mobile cameras, such as moving cars, helicopters, UAVs, boats or wearable cameras for example, all with the free Streambox Add-on for TriCaster.

“The Streambox Add-on for TriCaster gives us capabilities we’ve never had before. Previously a dedicated Streambox decoder and a dedicated input into TriCaster was required for each feed.  Now we have the ability to select from multiple Streambox sources right inside the TriCaster interface without needing separate decoders or additional TriCaster inputs.” – Jonathan Crowe, Huntsville.

Key features of the add-on include:

  •  Stream from any Streambox Encoder including Avenir Micro
  •  Stream live multi-cam productions from many locations
  •  Receive live video source over 3G/4G/WiFi/Ethernet networks
  •  Live stream integrated into TriCaster interface as a video source
  •  Use low-cost Streambox Cloud with free encoder for video source
  •  Seamlessly works with all Streambox Encoder products – Avenir Micro, Drone, Mini 3 & 3c, mobile apps, rack mounts and more.

“Streambox will be spotlighting its new relationship with NewTek, with an integration of its Avenir Micro with TriCaster,” says Bob Hildeman, Streambox co-founder and CEO. “Now Streambox video will appear as a video/camera source for production [on the TriCaster production system],” he says.

“As one of the newest members of the NewTek Developer Network, Streambox technology will be a tremendous benefit to current and future TriCaster customers looking to distribute their network style content over 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Internet networks,” said Michael Kornet, executive vice president of Business Development for NewTek. “The integration is accessed right from the TriCaster interface, and gives Streambox customers a seamless way to expand and enhance their production quality with a TriCaster.”

The integration expands on the Streambox mobile video everywhere vision by relying on IP transport and the cloud to bridge a gap of hundreds, or even thousands, of miles that separate a remote venue where cameras cover an event from a centralized production control room.

“Our TriCaster plug-in will allow broadcasters to send video anywhere across the globe over 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Internet networks. So this will widen their contribution as well as near close-area contribution,” Hildeman says.

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About Streambox

Streambox leads the video over IP industry with complete end-to-end newsgathering solutions and contribution streaming service. The Streambox platform of professional live and file-based HD/SD software and hardware for video transport, management, and play out streamlines the workflow for any broadcasting and streaming need. Streambox technology is based on the ACT-L3™ proprietary video compression which allows faster encoding with low-latency and adaptive bit-rate streaming over public/private networks.

Learn more at

Streambox Announces the Release of an Updated Avenir Page for Broadcast Accounts

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Streambox is pleased to announce the release of an updated Avenir page for Broadcast accounts. This allows Streambox users to know where their assets are located while having ready remote control of those assets. This update provides a ‘Map All’ feature displaying all assets on a Google map. The location is provided based on GeoIP technology – if a GPS receiver is plugged into the Avenir, a more precise GPS location is provided (see below).

To discover more about Streambox Avenir mobile devices please visit:

Coming Soon! NewTek TriCaster Add-On for Streambox Encoder Users

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The soon to be released Streambox Add-on for TriCaster allows users of Streambox encoders and Streambox Cloud to stream live HD/SD video at resolutions up to 1080p via the TriCaster production system. The Streambox add-on will provide the best live streaming quality for news, live entertainment, aerial/drone imaging, sports broadcast, church production, and more.  

The fully integrated add-on will be compatible with all Streambox encoder devices, Streambox Cloud Services and Enterprise Server. In addition, users will have the flexibility of three modes to acquire multiple, ACT-L3, low latency video streams directly from Streambox encoders, Streambox Cloud servers, or via a local multicast.