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Update and Protect Your Streambox from Ransomware

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By now many of you have heard of the “Ransomware” malware threat in the news targeting computers around the world running Microsoft Windows OS. We would like to make you aware that some Streambox Encoders, Decoders, and Servers are using versions of Microsoft Windows (and Windows Embedded) Operating Systems that are vulnerable to the WannaCrypt (or WannaCry) ransomware, which encrypts user files and requires payment for decryption.

Microsoft has published a description of the ransomware and their response. Windows 7 (and later) OS and Windows Server 2008 (and later) OS are protected as long as they have updates current as of March 2017.

To prevent new infection, please click here for patches for vulnerable Windows operating systems utilized by Streambox. Additionally, enabling port filtering in the Network Adapter to block port 445 TCP should block the infection.

If your Streambox equipment has been infected, first, disconnect it from your local network then go here for options.

For assistance and support please contact Streambox Support: support@streambox.com


Streambox Post Cloud and 2K Rackmount a Hit at NAB 2017

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Streambox’s suite of new Post Production Solutions were well received at NAB 2017 — addressing the much needed Internet applications for cinematic and TV video color grading and remote editing. The new Streambox Post Cloud provides a platform for remote, live video, group review, and editing sessions with AES-128 encryption for content security. The new 2K Rackmount Encoder and Decoder comes with an enhanced ACT-L3 codec to deliver higher quality video for accurate color grading and editing. We are pleased that the Streambox Post Production Solutions have been so well received by so many post production companies and professionals attending NAB.


New Frame Sync for Rackmount Encoders

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Streambox has added a frame synchronizer to its 9200, 9300, 9400, and 3D-IMAG rackmount encoders. Some camera switchers do not support audio visual synchronization so when changing cameras with one of these switchers there would be a buffering delay. Now, with frame synchronization built into the encoder the delay is only one frame (unnoticeable to the human eye) no matter the quality of the camera switcher.


Improved Rackmount V-ANC Support

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Streambox rackmount encoders now have improved support for capture, encoding, and transmission of vertical ancillary data, also known as V-ANC, by adding advanced mapping functions for easier integration with other systems. Ancillary data is non-video information such as closed captions and advertisement insertion triggers.

Streambox rackmount decoders can output vertical ancillary data information via HD-SDI but some downstream equipment might require data to be mapped to specific V-ANC lines. In this case, the new Streambox decoder, version 3.164.12, and new web UI allows users to assign a specific data type to a specific V-ANC line using packet identifier DID (Data IDentifier).

For example, in the screenshot below, Closed Captions (packet DID 161) are mapped to video line 9 and SCTE-104 events (packet DID 241) are mapped to line 13. Up to 3 different packet types can be assigned.

V-ANC Decoder Output

V-ANC Quick Setup Tutorial Video

Note: traditionally, DID (Data Identifier word) is represented as a hexadecimal number. The decoder will perform automatic V-ANC data placement if the DID is zero.