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360 Video Stitching In The Streambox Cloud

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September 7, 2016 (Seattle) – Streambox Inc.®, an industry leading pioneer delivering unique video streaming solutions announced today 360 video stitching in Streambox Cloud, enabling all Streambox encoders to support streaming live 360 videos and allow for easy mobile 360 streaming.

One of the challenges of streaming 360 video is the seamless stitching of multi lens cameras required to achieve a 360 degree field of view. Most 360 cameras currently available do not provide built-in stitching and rely on powerful GPUs of connected servers or devices and rarely work in real time, making them unusable for live streaming.

Streambox performs the CPU intensive and power hungry video stitching process automatically on Streambox Cloud: providing full motion 30 fps video for the user. Alex Telitsine, Streambox CTO said, “The whole workflow is pretty much automated for the customers. We spin off new cloud instances on demand and the stitched 360 video stream is delivered automatically.”

Streambox specializes in delivering live video from remote locations using wireless bonding technology. Telitsine said, “In many cases devices are just not powerful enough or battery life is too much of an issue with a GPU in a mobile environment” but Streambox mobile encoders like AVENIR Micro or AVENIR Drone can stream 360 video from anywhere, including “moving cars, drones, boats, or motorcycles” since they are equipped with LTE/4G/3G network bonding to transport the video stream to Streambox Cloud for stitching.

Telitsine said, “Cloud stitching is an important step for 360 video delivery because it allows existing client devices to stream 360 video.” Streambox Cloud stitching works with all Streambox encoders, including AVENIR Micro and AVENIR Drone hardware encoders and Mac, Windows, and Linux software encoders. Currently customers can use Ricoh Theta S 360 cameras with support for additional cameras coming in the future.

360 video provides an immersive experience with viewers able to see and hear in every direction on mobile phones, tablets, or attached TV devices with 360 support. Mobile 360 video stitched in Streambox Cloud is perfect for live events or a second screen experience for traditional sports, newscasts, or live event broadcasts. Find out more at and try Streambox Cloud for free for 30 days at


External Audio Support for Cloud Encoder

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Streambox introduced External Audio Support in its latest release of Cloud Encoder for OSX. Now, users have their choice of the embedded audio from the video source (HDMI or SDI) or audio from an external source. For example, this feature could be used where a wireless microphone system is being employed.

To ensure you have the external audio feature, click the ‘Streambox Cloud Encoder’ menu, select ‘Check for updates’, and make sure you have the latest version.

After your external microphone is plugged in, from the ‘Service’ menu select ‘Audio’. From the ‘Audio’ list select the desired microphone and that’s it, you are now set to use an external microphone to voice live streams.

You can check the status of your audio input from the Status Box. If it is hidden, click the right‐chevron button and the Status Box will slide out to the right. Select the ‘Encoder’ tab on the top (between the ‘Network’ and ‘Statistics’ tabs). Then, in the ‘Audio’ panel, you can verify that your input is working by tapping on the microphone and seeing if the levels monitor responds accordingly.

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Introduction to Live streaming 360/VR video and YouTube Channel

With the Cloud Encoder, the next evolution of Streambox streaming technology, you can capture, stitch, encode, and stream live 360 video to YouTube over a variety of bandwidth conditions in 1080p30.


The Streambox Cloud Encoder provides everything you need for processing 360 video from a Ricoh camera. It captures 1920×1080 at 30fps, stitches, encodes, bonds over WiFI, LTE, LAN, and delivers the video to your YouTube Live Streaming account. The Streambox Cloud solution takes the complexity out of providing a live 360 video experience for your audience, ideal for video bloggers, live event producers, video journalist, and enthusiasts.

What’s Needed

  • Ricoh Theta S camera
  • MacBook Pro (2014-2016 models, i7 recommended)
  • BlackMagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder
  • Streambox Cloud Encoder (download free copy at:
  • Streambox Cloud and Youtube accounts configured for 360 streaming

Try Beta (Available Now)

Streambox has created a new branch of live streaming called StreamboxVR which has revealed a new software encoder that broadcasts live 360 video. Automated for 1-click 360 streaming, the OS X software encoder contains integrated video stitching, lens correction, and 360 camera specific presets designed for seamless live HD and 360 video streaming to Streambox Cloud. The adaptive bitrate encoder is capable of encoding full frame rate and full resolution 1920 x1080 360 videos from 2 Mbps to 30 Mbps in real time.

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