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Success Stories

Streambox Delivers Live News from the G20

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As another demonstration of the effectiveness of using streaming technologies for live news production, the leading U.S. based cable news network used two Streambox discrete encoders and a 8-channel synchronizing decoder over public Internet and Streambox Cloud Services to stream the signals of multiple cameras from Buenos Aires to Atlanta. For the first time, the network used this implementation for its leading weekday evening news program.

The production ran for 3 days and production staff also utilized three Streambox NODE media players as well as the Streambox Mobile Media Player app running on iOS devices for monitoring. Using this type of emerging live IP workflow from Streambox not only reduces costs, but enhances live programs through the flexibility of including content from diverse locations at any time.

So You Think Streaming Is Just for Watching Vids On Your Smartphone?

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Next week on November 20th from 5:30 to 7:30 in the evening, Streambox will be doing a live, hands-on demo of streaming applicable for Digital Cinema and VFX production environments at the Deluxe/Encore facilities in Vancouver, British Columbia. Using the Chroma Encoder and Decoder system, attendees will be able to see streaming at a quality level that makes real-time, collaborative editing, color grading, VFX creation, and review possible using public Internet access from multiple locations.

Chroma supports up to 12-bit, 4:4:4 RGB video at HD, 2K DCI, UHD, and 4K DCI resolutions with a near lossless codec that integrates HDR standards including Dolby Vision. Interfaces include 12G/6G/3G/1.5G SDI as well as HDMI. Up to 16 channels of audio with 5.1/7.1 surround sound enables sessions with Dolby Atmos and DTS-X.

If you need picture perfect pixels for you feature, trailer, or television production, Streambox has the right solution.

winter olympics 8 channel decoder

New 4 & 8-Channel Synchronized Decoder at 2018 Winter Olympics

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Streambox, working with a major broadcaster, is introducing its new 8-Channel Synchronized Decoder at this years Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Streambox provides secure and bonded, IP video transport hardware, software, and cloud services to broadcasters, enterprises, movie & post-production studios, and government video providers throughout the world.

The Streambox 8-Channel Synchronized Decoder can receive up to 8 video streams that will be synchronized to a user selected master stream and output as genlocked and synchronized 8 HD-SDI streams. “This allows closeups and longshots to remain in sync with audio even if one stream has a half-second delay and another stream has a full-second delay. This is a whole new approach to remote IP audio-video synchronization and multi-camera live production.” explained Alex Telitsine, CTO at Streambox.

“With broadband IP connectivity that is widely available, broadcasters and live event productions can stream events from multiple camera locations. The new multi-Channel Synchronized Decoders enable live onsite production management with less equipment, thus reducing costs and improving efficiency,” said Dave Bolnick, Project Manager of Research and Development at Streambox.

The Streambox 8-Channel Synchronized Decoder can receive streams from any of the Streambox Avenir line; Micro, Drone, Mini 4; or its Modular 4K/2K/HD DCI Rackmount Encoder. Streambox encoders also provide AES-encrypted secure video at low latency over bonded  LDMP  transport.

For more information on Streambox products and the Multi-Channel Decoder please click the links below. If you are interested in purchasing the 4K Rackmount please contact our sales team. And don’t forget to watch the Winter Olympics!