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alan latteri instinctual

Alan Latteri of Instinctual and His Experience with Streambox

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Alan Latteri, partner at Instinctual, a post production service firm, has extensive experience providing professional finishing services for film studios.

Alan was looking for a system that met Instinctual’s current and upcoming needs – the Streambox Modular Rackmount with 2K/4K format met their criteria:
· Encrypted Video Streaming security of intellectual property
· Video latency less than a second
· Video capture and stream at 2k/4k at 80Mbsp
· Played out as high quality 10-bit video without video loss over IP networks for remote cinematic color grading and edit sessions
· Future-proof with upgrade path for 2k stereo video and support for higher color profile — 12-bit 444 color

Extensive side-by-side live video sessions were conducted over an IP network using Streambox Modular units and a competing JPEG 2000 system between the Instinctual color theater and the Sony Pictures theater. A real-time performance was measured for latency and video playout to assess video and color quality.

Alan talks about his experience with Streambox. Instinctual has been using the newest product from Streambox, the Modular Rackmount with 2K & 4K which has definitely met their current and future needs. Alan and his team were most impressed with the “great turnaround” and “personal touch” from Streambox and its customer service.

Instinctual’s primary need was the ability to collaborate using secure live video with Sony Pictures from remote campuses. With this ability, Alan Latteri and his team were able to make edits and color corrections in real-time. This ability saved time and money for both companies and decreased time spent on projects.

Overall Alan and his team were pleased with the Modular Rackmount’s performance and small design. “It just works,” says Alan “it’s there when we need it, and we press go.” Compared to other company’s products, the Streambox Modular Rackmount “setup was quick,” the “required bandwidth was less,” the “video quality was excellent,” and “the direct response to customers feedbacks and issues is amazing” says Alan “way more valuable than putting it in some support ticket.”

The price of the Streambox Modular Rackmount with 2K was extremely competitive. “The price point made it compelling enough to take a chance” says Alan “and we are glad we did, we are benefiting from that.”

Streambox Cloud was another key benefit Alan saw with using Streambox. The web interface and the ability to preview live video using the Cloud was a great addition for Alan and his team when collaborating in real-time.

For more information on Streambox products and the 2K Rackmount please click the links below. If you are interested in purchasing the 2K Rackmount please contact our sales team.

newtr reporter

NewTR Upgrades to Streambox’s AVENIR Mini 4 to Stream Live Video

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NewTR News Agency is an international TV news organization with its central headquarters based in London, UK, with multiple offices around the world. The organization has been using the Streambox AVENIR Mini product-line for over 8 years with great success.

Streambox provides live video over IP products and solutions with network bonding technology. This technology provides news contribution services for many leading news organizations around the globe.

Recently NewTR News Agency upgraded to the newest bonded cellular mobile encoder, the AVENIR Mini 4.

NewTR was very pleased with the improved performance provided by the Mini 4 with five 3G/4G/LTE embedded modems, with options to add 2 or more additional modems, plus the capabilities of two wifi connections. The Mini 4 consumes less power and is able to last 3-8 hours depending on battery size and condition.

The AVENIR Mini now includes multiple ways to be controlled, either with direct LCD access, remote web access, or via the easy to use mobile app. The NewTR team was able to control the unit locally, and remotely from a long distance using the new Mini 4 features.

With the new Mini 4, NewTR is able to continue to offer its high quality news contribution services from multiple locations around the globe including Istanbul, Paris, Berlin, Washington, New York, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur, Aleppo, and Bern.

Although the AVENIR Mini products were designed as camera-mountable units, they are well suited, and used as a standalone encoders connected to cameras and video sources. NewTR uses the Mini 4 for both camera-mountable and standalone units.

For more information on Streambox products and the AVENIR Mini 4 please click the links below. If you are interested in purchasing an AVENIR Mini 4 please contact our sales team.

Dubai Drone

Dubai Live Video from DJI Drone using Streambox’s Avenir Drone

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Dubai Police Department streamed live video from their DJI drone using the Streambox AVENIRDrone Mobile Encoder over bonded cellular networks to the Streambox Cloud where the video was routed and streamed for low latency playout and viewing. The ability to use a Streambox Drone Encoder to stream live video cut costs and gave remote situational awareness for general surveillance.

The video above was captured using the Streambox AVENIRDrone Encoder. The AVENIRDrone is a lightweight mobile video encoder that can fit in the palm of your hand. Using Streambox technology, the AVENIRDrone is able to stream live HD video using a bonded mobile network. An optional Embedded Modem Module, that supports 3G/4G/LTE, was used for IP connectivity.

The AVENIRDrone is part of the Streambox AVENIR family. The encoder supports HD-SDI and HDMI video capture and streams in HD video at 2.5 Mbps over multiple cellular data connections to Streambox Cloud. From the Cloud, the video is routed to playout destinations that include live publishing to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and even your own website.

Live video, with the option to be encrypted, is sent to the Streambox Cloud where it can be securely viewed by authorized users or routed to other destinations. The durability and ease of use of the AVENIRDrone make it an ideal product for public safety and security. To learn more about the AVENIRDrone and Streambox Cloud click the buttons below.

King County Sheriffs Live Helicopter Footage with Streambox

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Streambox Partners with King County Sheriffs Department in Seattle to stream live video from a patrolling helicopter. The footage captured was a demo of Streambox Technology and how it can be used in emergency situations.

Using a FLIR camera to capture video, the helicopter footage was then streamed live over 2 AT&T and 2 Verizon modems to Streambox Cloud using an AVENIRMicro.

A sample of the demo footage can be found below. For more information on this story, or if you want to learn more about Streambox Services, please contact our sales team at:

Streambox Cloud is a secure live video management system that allows its users to have full control of their video streams from their web browser. The Cloud provides live video routing, archiving, transcoding, and management of videos for broadcasts, streaming, and live production. Compatible software encoders and mobile apps are free with the purchase of a Cloud Package making it an end to end service. Lastly video playout can be sent to multiple web video channels, including social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter/Periscope.

AVENIRMicro is a lightweight mobile broadcasting and live video encoder. The encoder provides enhanced bonded connectivity capabilities with significantly more efficient encoding for HD and SD broadcasting. Designed for easy integration and outstanding quality, the miniature, low-power device can be used with broadcast cameras, satellite terminals, medical imaging, corporate media systems and various other video systems.


Publishers Clearing House uses Streambox for Facebook Streams

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Publishers Clearing House is an American interactive media company best known for its Prize Patrol. The famous Prize Patrol began surprising winners with oversized checks on live TV in 1988. The memorable, real-life reactions of stunned sweepstakes winners became a cultural phenomenon, entertaining audiences and spawning a number of good-natured skits on such TV shows such as Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show. With individual sweepstakes winners taking home up to $10 million, Publishers Clearing House has awarded over $315 million in total prize money and was looking to give out even more using Facebook Live.

Streambox “enabled us to go live on Facebook, adding credibility to our process. There are still some who doubt whether we are really giving away money or not and this was a big part of helping confirm our legitimacy.”

Publishers Clearing House needed to be able to stream broadcast quality video live to its Facebook page using professional HD-SDI cameras and could not worry about having available WiFi or ethernet networks. Production trucks are one way to deliver live video without WiFi or ethernet, but can cost over a million dollars each and these production costs stopped Publishers Clearing House from doing live Prize Patrol feeds for several decades. In 2016, Publishers Clearing House purchased a Streambox Avenir Mini 3, a mobile bonded cellular encoder with five embedded 3G/4G/LTE  modems, and a Streambox Cloud subscription because of Streambox’s unbeatable reliability and cost to own and operate. With its new Streambox equipment the Prize Patrol resumed its professional quality live productions and now Publishers Clearing House does about ten livestreamed awards a year and that number will likely increase in the near future.

Prior to Streambox Publishers Clearing House would record and run back to the hotel to edit and deliver through a web transfer to headquarters for posting on social media. Kenny Ringgold, Senior Manager of Video and Photography at Publishers Clearing House said that Streambox, “enabled us to go live on Facebook, adding credibility to our process. There are still some who doubt whether we are really giving away money or not and this was a big part of helping confirm our legitimacy.”

Publishers Clearing House films with one of its Canon C300 or Sony FS7 cameras connected to Avenir Mini 3. Avenir Mini 3 encodes the video into Streambox’s ACT-L3 format for reliable video transport via five embedded cellular modems to Streambox Cloud. From Streambox Cloud the video is transcoded and sent live to Facebook.

The Avenir Mini 3 is designed for maximum portability with broadcasters’ needs in mind. It has a small form factor, weighs only 3.6 lbs, has a 1-2 hr battery life (depending on battery type), attaches to many cameras, and holds 5 embedded 3G/4G/LTE modems (expandable to 15 total by adding a Streambox Signal Extender module) that are all be bonded using Streambox technology.

“There has been nothing but positive reaction to our live feeds, the quality of the audio and the video is a huge step up from what we were doing before.”


Streaming to Facebook Live using only cellular networks is critical to Publishers Clearing House’s workflow. Publishers Clearing House works in demanding production conditions without the luxury of pre-production testing. Its various remote and untested locations are not even determined until two days before shooting and are not available to test until literally minutes before going live (the genuine surprise of the winner is essential and bandwidth testing would betray the secret). Facebook advises users to only use WiFi when streaming live as a 3G/4G/LTE connection will not offer enough bandwidth to deliver quality video without buffering, but that would be impossible for Publishers Clearing House and its production demands if not for Streambox. Streambox untethers Publishers Clearing House from the WiFi restriction by bonding multiple networks (including 3G/4G/WiFi/internet) to build enough bandwidth to stream high-quality, uninterrupted video.

Avenir Mini 3 compresses video from Publishers Clearing House’s cameras using Streambox’s Advanced Compression Technology – Level 3 (ACT-L3) codec, optimized for efficiency, low bandwidth, and high video fidelity. ACT-L3 works in conjunction with Low Delay Multi-Path technology (LDMP) for seamless video delivery. LDMP automatically bonds all available networks and maintains the best possible bandwidth, latency, and resolution over the networks. LDMP works with 3G/4G/LTE, WiFi, BGAN and other IP networks, but Publishers Clearing House needs to be fully mobile so it uses 2 Verizon modems, 2 AT&T, and a T-Mobile modem. LDMP automatically selects the best network path for Publishers Clearing House’s stream. If one modem/carrier has connectivity issues, has its network bogged down, or drops out altogether LDMP will adjust in real time to move the delivery to the other modems/carriers and adjust latency or quality if necessary to ensure that the video is delivered to Streambox Cloud. LDMP assures Publishers Clearing House does not have to worry about a congested cell tower eating into its available bandwidth while live on air and interrupting its stream.

“Streambox has given us the ability to broadcast our winning moments to our more than 2 million Facebook fans live!”

The video captured by Avenir Mini 3 is sent to Streambox Cloud where it is archived, transcoded, and played out in real time on Facebook Live. Streambox Cloud’s transcoding enables multiple viewings at once without losing video quality or delivery speed. Along with feed management, security, and delivery reliability, Streambox provides the ability to add post-production effects with live team contribution via third party software. Without Streambox, Facebook Live is a mobile app limited by a phone’s camera and connectivity, but as part of a Streambox Solution, Facebook Live is the publishing platform of a professional quality production with broadcast cameras and not bound by a single cellular network or WiFi connection. “There has been nothing but positive reaction to our live feeds, the quality of the audio and the video is a huge step up from what we were doing before,” said Ringgold.

Using its Streambox solution has given Publishers Clearing House the ability to implement reliable remote streaming for its live events which has positively impacted its social media views and brand credibility all for a reasonable price. Ringgold said, “Streambox has given us the ability to broadcast our winning moments to our more than 2 million Facebook fans live! This has a tremendous impact on our brand credibility, and helps people see that Publishers Clearing House really does give away millions of dollars.”