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Superior Quality Media Acquisition, Transport and Playout for Program Contribution and Real-Time Collaboration

Chroma 4K UHD / DCI HDR Encoder and Decoder

Designed for Post Production Collaboration and Video Production

Streambox Chroma 4K systems provide simplified workflows with real-time transport and creation of 4K and UHD / DCI content even in HDR with 4:4:4 RGB, 12-bit encoding as a comprehensive solution for streaming, broadcasting, post-production, and live events.


Ease of Use

Web Interface for 30 Minute Networking Setup and Use for Playout Management


End to End Content Security with Encryption

Multi-site Streaming

Deliver live video from a central location to secondary locations anywhere in the world

Real-Time Communications and Collaborations

Low latency Reviews for Communications in Real-Time

Upgradeable Rackmount

Software Upgradable from HD, 2K, 4K, & Multi-Channel

Lower OpEX Networking Costs

Use Reliable Low Cost Public Internet and/or Fiber Networking for Remote Sessions

Key Features

ACT-L3/L5 Optimized Codec

Produce Highest Quality, Low Bandwidth, Minimal Latency Video

Low Delay Multi-Path

LDMP Networking Provides Reliable Video Transport Over Public Internet Networks and Over MPLS/Fiber Networks with Sub-Second Latency.

Streambox Media Player

Software Media Playout Allows Flexible Video Playout of Any Live Stream.

Cloud-Based Support

Encrypted Collaboration via Private Network or Streambox Cloud.


Feature for reviewers to highlight areas of interest while describing the desired changes

Secure End-to-End Encryption

In-Stream 128 bit Video Encryption to Protect Video Content from Unauthorized Viewer

One-to-One or One-to-Many

Software Media Player or Hardware Decoder Video Playout Options as a Point to Point or Use Cloud for Multi-Point Playout.

Low Latency

500ms – 2 Second End-to-End Latency Over Fiber and Public Internet Networks.


Feature for project-based, remote, direct, real-time collaboration of content across multiple locations without reviewers needing a Cloud account

Streambox Solutions

Designed for Post Production and Broadcast Workflows

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