Chroma Multi-channel Encoder/Decoders enable live production of multi-camera events over IP networks and Amazon Media Live. The decoders provide synchronized outputs to simplify production management with less equipment, helping to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Key Features

  • Encode 4 independent HD video channels
    • SW option - 4K/UHD encoder/decoder

    • SW option - 1-4k 10 bit & 1- HD

  • Use in half duplex or full duplex

  • 10 bit 4:2:2 HD or 12 bit 4:4:4 in 4K

  • HDR or Dolby Vision supported

  • 8 Ch audio, upgrade to 16 Ch

  • Ultra low latency -133ms@ 4 frames w/30fps or 66.7 ms@ 4 frames w/60fps

  • Reliable video transport and dynamic multipath networking w LDMP

  • Live steam low latency HD or 4K to decoder, media player or to AWS Live media services for online video using AWS CDI Bridge

  • 128-bit encryption, upgrade to 256 bit encryption

Stream point-to-point or to multiple destinations via Streambox Cloud or Amazon Web Services!


Agility is at the heart of Streambox products, one of the many reasons that CNN uses our products for remote production, including during the G20 meeting in 2021!

The diagram below illustrates the flexibility of our Multi-channel encoder decoder in a typical remote contribution scenario. A single unit accepts up to four SDI sources, which are then encoded, encrypted and sent over IP to one or more destinations. One possibility, shown here, is to have all four feeds decoded by another multi-channel device at the broadcast facility. Each of the feeds are synchronized and output as four independent SDI signals. Another possibility is to send the one or more channels to Streambox Sessions, a. cloud service that can route the signal(s) to multiple, geographically-distributed locations.

Chroma agile codec
Content Contribution over IP


Streambox has recently introduced a unique SaaS encoder - Bridge for CDI - that makes it easy to leverage AWS Media Services. We ran a live demo in the AWS Booth at IBC2022.

In this scenario, our multi-channel encoder feeds directly to Bridge for AWS Cloud Digital Interface (CDI), which outputs a CDI stream and opens the door to the full ecosystem of AWS Media services for live video production and third-party virtual production applications. Send up to four live HD feeds or one 4K feed.

Multi channel to aws media live
Content Contribution Via Amazon Media Live Services

Case Studies