Chroma +

Streaming solution for remote post production workflows

4K DCI Playout of Streaming Content

Streambox Chroma + is a professional quality 4K video playout device that delivers HDMI output with optional support for Dolby Vision®.

Chroma + is a cost-effective solution to remotely and securely review post-production content in real-time with support for strong 256-bit encrypted connections. It is an ideal solution for remote color grading, editorials,
VFX and sound post-production workflows.

Chroma+ Benefits


Get creative with a full range of remote post production activities and leave the playout logistics to us. Chroma+ allows you to connect through Streambox Cloud Services for real time collaboration in 4K HDR, UHD HDR, 2K HDR and HD HDR.

Don’t have a Streambox Cloud Service subscription?  No problem! Streambox Sessions provides hassle-free, project-based access without the need for dedicated hardware or complex connection schemes.


Playout professional quality streaming video across private or public networks

Three modes of operation are supported for the most flexibility in 4K/UHD/HD/SD resolutions over HDMI:

  • Dynamic Dolby Vision Metadata mode: This mode provides Dolby Vision Metadata tunneling over HDMI from Streambox Chroma Encoders and Dolby Vision enabled Color Grading software. In this mode, Dolby Vision supported TV’s will switch into the correct color space and gamma without the need for end user configuration

  • Dolby Vision Absolute mode: This provides HDR video without tone mapping while preserving color space, video levels and gamma. Master monitor peak brightness is used as a clipping ceiling. Dolby Vision compatible TV is required for Absolute Mode.

  • Standard Dynamic Range mode: This provides a workflow for non-Dolby Vision monitors with support for Rec.709, 8-bit, 4:4:4 output for 4k/UHD/HD/SD video.

Note: Dolby Vision 12-bit support is available only when the Chroma+ HDMI output is connected directly to the HDMI input of a Dolby Vision compatible TVs

Secure remote control allows remote management and configuration of the device.

Chroma+ can be integrated with multiple Streambox platform solutions, such as Cloud, Review sessions, Annotation and variety of H/W and S/W products.

  • ACT-L5 and ACT-L3 codecs
  • Dolby Vision HDMI tunneling w/metadata
  • 4K DCI, UHD, HD and SD Playout
  • Up to 4:4:4 12-bit video
  • DCI P3, Rec 2020, Rec 709, XYZ Color
  • SMPTE 2084 (PQ), 2.4, 2.2 gamma
  • Non-constant Luminance is supported
  • Stereo audio over HDMI
  • 128-bit encyrption – 256-bit optional
  • Up to 80 Mbps bitrate streaming

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