The Chroma X compact encoder/decoder provides near lossless video quality, and secure, real-time, remote, collaborative workflows. Chroma X supports HD resolutions, along with High Dynamic Range color standards to create streaming content for broadcasting, enterprises, and post production by providing low latency video in HD formats over public and private IP networks.

Key Features

ACT-L3/L5 Optimized Codec
Produce Highest Quality, Low Bandwidth, Minimal Latency Video

Low Delay Multi-Path
LDMP Networking Provides Reliable Video Transport Over Public Internet Networks and Over MPLS/Fiber Networks with Sub-Second Latency.

Streambox Media Player
Software Media Playout Allows Flexible Video Playout of Any Live Stream.

Cloud-Based Support
Encrypted Collaboration via Private Network or Streambox Cloud.

Feature for reviewers to highlight areas of interest while describing the desired changes

Secure End-to-End Encryption
In-Stream 128-bit Video Encryption to Protect Video Content from Unauthorized Viewer

One-to-One or One-to-Many
Software Media Player or Hardware Decoder Video Playout Options as a Point to Point or Use Cloud for Multi-Point Playout

Low Latency
500ms – 1 Second End-to-End Latency Over Fiber and Public Internet Networks

Use with 2K
Down-convert 2K DCI format

Robust Device
Robust compact implementation based on an Intel NUC computer with an i5 processor using the same Linux software as Chroma rackmount systems