Streambox Chroma

The Ultimate Solution to Picture Perfect Pixels When Encoding, Decoding and Transporting the Most Demanding of Media Content

Streambox Chroma

Post Production, Live Broadcast, and Enterprise Advanced Performance Encoder/Decoder

Software defined Chroma systems offer flexibility and upgradability. Streambox technology provides unrivaled performance, reliability, superior quality, and minimal latency.

Optimized Performance

Unique Advanced Compression Technology Level 3 and Level 5 (ACT L3/L5) profile codec supports the most advanced color profiles, color spaces, and color depths including 12-bit 4:4:4 RGB/XYZ 4K HDR.

16 channel and 5.1 surround sound audio.

Specialized Low Delay Multi-Path Protocol (LDMP) provides intelligent utilization of available network paths to achieve higher rates of transport and playback with minimal end-to end latency even over public internet networks to help reduce operating expenses with effective remote sessions.

Advanced Capabilities

Linux software-based systems include media acquisition, file-based streaming, and a media player that grows with changing requirements, provides upgrade paths to add more functionality, and helps manage capital expenditures.

Workflow integration includes Annotations mark-up feature, Sessions project based review feature, delivery of content to NODE™, Pro, and Mobile Media players for real-time collaboration, as well as sending to Enterprise Server and Streambox Cloud Services for contribution, archiving, and playing of live streams to and from remote locations.

Robust Security

End-to-end encryption with a symmetric key, forms a protective shield around the transport of valuable video content with no increase in stream latency and permits playout on various software and hardware media players.

Operates as one-to- one or one-to-many connections via private networks or with Streambox Cloud Services.

HTTPS option for web control

Easy to use web-based user interface provides secure local or remote access and configuration.


Chroma offers superior quality media streaming over Internet and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks. Real-time transport provides efficient workflows and processes for post-production collaboration, broadcasting, and streaming live events.


Chroma enables real-time remote color grading, editorial review and content approvals for post-production facilities and personnel.

Transport of the highest quality 12-bit 4:4:4 RGB/XYZ color video in various formats such as 4K HDR is achievable over public, private, and Streambox Cloud Services IP networks. Post professionals can share, view and listen to content with the necessary detail to make informed decisions from multiple remote locations. Chroma enables facility content sharing and live event contribution to screening rooms and digital cinema theaters.


Broadcasters and content providers need to capture and preserve the highest possible quality video when acquiring content from news, sports, and other live events.

Chroma provides the ability to process SD, HD, and UHD HDR signals along with up to 16 channels of audio, and then transport at high speed and with minimal latency over a variety of existing networks or by using integrated Streambox Cloud Services.

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Featured Highlights

Agile and Flexible Codecs for Highest Quality Media

  • Native RGB/XYZ and YCbCr color spaces
  • 8, 10 and 12-bit color depth
  • 4:2:0, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 color profiles
  • SMPTE 372 including HDR modes, Rec.709, DCI P3, Rec.2020, gamut HDR10 PQ/HLG and Dolby Vision standards
  • SD HD, 3G 2K, UHD, and 4K resolutions and frame rates
  • Up to 16-channels of uncompressed and embedded PCM and AAC audio, CELP and GSM up to 48 KHz, 5.1 surround sound

Robust Security Measures for Content Protection

  • AES 128-bit Encryption with symmetric key (256-bit available with added restrictions)
  • One-to one or one-to-many encryption via private network or Streambox Cloud Services
  • 1 to 2 second end-to-end latency over public networks
  • Playout on software media players
  • No increase in stream latency
  • HTTPS option for web control

Real-time Streaming and Transport for Communications and Collaboration

  • 500ms to 2sec end-to-end latency
  • Public Internet and/or Fiber Networking for Remote Sessions
  • Delivery of live video from a central location to multiple secondary locations
  • LDMP support for network bonding
  • 5 to 90+ Mbps bit rates
  • UDP unicast, broadcast or multicast
  • Adjustable Forward Error Correction
  • Correction Embedded Metadata
  • Highlight areas of interest during reviews with Annotations feature
  • Project-based Sessions feature for remote, real-time collaboration across multiple locations directly without needing a Cloud account

Software Tools for Easy Setup and Management

  • 30 minute or less networking setup and use for playout management
  • OSX, iOS, Windows and Android Web Interfaces
  • Web based user interface for secure local or remote access
  • Live video preview via web user interface
  • Customizable presets

Chroma X Encoder and Decoder

Designed for Production, Contribution, and Collaboration

The Chroma X compact encoder/decoder provides near lossless video quality, and secure, real-time, remote, collaborative workflows. Chroma X supports HD resolutions, along with High Dynamic Range color standards to create streaming content for broadcasting, enterprises, and post production by providing low latency video in HD formats over public and private IP networks.

Live video review where one or more of the reviewers can highlight areas of interest using a mouse or touchscreen to draw marks, objects, lines, or words on captured frames of video. Multiple stakeholders can be connected via a web interface to work on the same project.

Chroma UHD HDR Encoder and Decoder

Designed for Contribution, Production, and Collaboration

Chroma UHD provides secure, real-time, remote, collaborative workflows for broadcasters, enterprises, and post production professionals by providing low latency UHD and HD HDR video over public and private IP networks with an upgrade path to 4K/2K DCI systems.

Chroma 4K UHD / DCI HDR Encoder and Decoder

Designed for Contribution, Production, and Collaboration with 4K / UHD 30p and 60p

Chroma 4K provides secure, real-time, remote, collaborative workflows with the creation of even 4K HDR and UHD HDR streaming content for broadcasting, post production, and live events by providing low latency HD, 2K, UHD, and 4K video over public and private IP networks.

Chroma HD Encoder and Decoder

Designed for Contribution, Production, and Collaboration

Chroma HD provides secure, real-time, remote, collaborative workflows for broadcasters, enterprises, and post production professionals by providing low latency HD HDR video over public and private IP networks with an upgrade path to 4K/2K DCI systems.

Chroma Multi-Channel Encoder

Designed for Contribution and Production

The Chroma multi-channel encoder provides secure, real-time, acquisition of HD content for broadcasters and enterprise organizations, by providing low latency streaming HD video over public and private IP networks.

Multi-Channel Sync Decoders

Designed for Live Multi-Camera Video Production

Multi-Channel Synchronized HD-SDI Decoders enable live production of multi-camera events over IP networks. Event videos are received from remote sources and then synchronized at the broadcast center.

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