The software version of Streambox Enterprise Server offers Advanced Administration Tools. These tools include remote management of encoders, scheduled routing of encoder/decoders, and customizable data fields. When installed on a hardware server that meets the required specifications, the software provides dedicated hosting that can be relied on.

Enterprise Server Lite

Streambox Enterprise Server is a scalable centralized secure server designed for broadcasters and streaming organizations to acquire large amounts of live and file- based video, to manage and produce on-air broadcasts and stream live video to web and mobile devices.


News reporter

Enterprise Server Extreme

Streambox Enterprise Server Extreme gives you all the perks of owning a high end video server with Advanced Administration Tools. These tools include and are not limited to remote management of encoder, scheduled routing of encoder/decoder, and customizable data fields. Streambox puts the Extreme into this media server with dedicated hosting you can rely upon.


IFB Server & Client

The Streambox IFB Server and Client enable the news studio to have live communication with the field reporter. With the IFB server in the studio control room and the IFB Client with the reporter in the field, the studio can provide the reporter with cues and information. This arrangement also supports real-time talk back and forth between the field reporter and the anchor.


Live news