Streambox Chroma + is a professional quality 4K DCI streaming playout device that delivers HDMI output with optional support for Dolby Vision®. It is an ideal solution for remote color grading, editorials, VFX and sound post-production workflows.

Key Features

Dolby Vision HDMI tunneling w/metadata

DCI P3, Rec 2020, Rec 709, XYZ Color

SMPTE 2084 (PQ), 2.4, 2.2 gamma

Up to 80 Mbps bitrate streaming

Non-constant Luminance is supported

128-bit encyrption – 256-bit optional

Focus on Creativity

Get creative with a full range of remote post production activities and leave the playout logistics to us. Chroma+ allows you to connect through Streambox Cloud Services for real time collaboration in 4K HDR, UHD HDR, 2K HDR and HD HDR.




Remote Production

Stream live content from remote locations and keep your production team in-house

Remote Production (REMI) Use Cases

Remote Collaboration

Engage with remote collaborators for review sessions without the hassle of travel schedules

Remote Collaboration Use Cases

Live Streaming

Reduce the cost and complexity of live events solutions that outperform satellite and microwave

Live Stream Use Cases