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Create Shareable Content by Streaming High Quality Media in Real-Time for Instruction and Training

The ability to capture live sessions, so a single instructor or trainer can present the same information to multiple locations and students simultaneously is a function of Education solutions by Streambox. The live media is encoded and sent over any IP network from one site to one or more receiving sites equipped with Streambox media players. The media can also be recorded and saved on a private cloud using Streambox Enterprise Server. Alternatively, media streaming to websites and mobile devices using Streambox Apps to bring instruction to individual students is also supported.


Streambox Delivers Solutions to Suit A Variety of Needs

Interactive Lectures and Training

The Streambox Chroma advanced encoder /decoder platform is an ideal way to interact with guest speakers or lectures from remote locations. The rackmount plays both encoding and decoding roles for live interactive lectures, allowing speakers to communicate with low latency so it feels like they are the same room. Students could also experience an interactive lecture with personalized instruction, and no limitation from space and distance.

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Multi-location Sessions

With Streambox Chroma Encoders users can upload and stream live sessions from a main campus to multiple satellite campuses using Streambox Cloud Services and playout with Streambox NODE 2 Media Player and Streambox desktop and mobile Media Players. Such solutions permit students to watch live courses and training anywhere, anytime, on any device. Instructors can also use Streambox to stream high quality live video from remote campuses and locations on to large screens.

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Remote Guest Speakers

Streambox provides an easy and cost-effective way to invite guest speakers from anywhere with an internet connection. With only a remote Streambox Cloud Encoder and a choice of Streambox Media Players, students are able to connect with experts from off campus. Instructors can also bring the real world into the classroom by streaming outside research and events.

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Streaming to Social Media

Educational institutions are able to create shareable content by streaming real-time media to YouTube and Facebook with Streambox Cloud Encoder and Streambox Apps to give large audiences off campus an easy way to follow happenings of interest. Viewers can play course media anywhere, anytime, on any device to catch up on anything they may have missed.

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Live Events Webcasting

With Streambox, students and parents do not need to worry about missing important events and activities. Institutions can stream high quality media in real-time to anyplace on campus as well as to social media coming from two camera sources using the 3D IMAG Encoder/Decoder.

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