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Streamlined Media Management for Businesses and Organizations

Providing thriving organizations the ability to constantly align and keep in touch with employees and members even at the global level is made possible with Enterprise solutions by Streambox. Maintaining consistent messages and plans is important for any group. Live video streaming, as well as archived video on demand, permits organizations to retain a cohesiveness with multiple groups, both local and remote. Diverse and dispersed organizations require remote networked solutions for streaming, media sharing, documentation, and collaboration.


Streambox Delivers Solutions to Suit A Variety of Needs

House of Worship

Maintain a feeling of personal connection when transmitting media to multisite locations. Streambox multi-site solutions simplify, streamline and provide a premium quality of service. Users are able to cost-effectively stream media to satellite destinations, social media, websites, or everywhere at once with Streambox encoders and media players. Religious organizations can send live and file-based media to centralized secure servers with Streambox Cloud Services or Enterprise Server for members to view live and on-demand video from desktops and mobile devices.

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Corporate Telecommunications

Stream and share live events, such as product launches, executive meetings and company conferences from different locations around the world. The same video solutions can apply for HR training of new staff and facilitating professional development of existing employees. All video can be captured and viewed from mobile phones or laptops using Streambox Encoding Software and Media Players.

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Technical Assistance

Streambox solutions provide professionals such as educators, health care specialists, and security managers with ways to bring real-time visual experiences in classrooms, hospitals, and monitoring facilities. Media content is captured and streamed live from mobile hardware encoder like AVENIR Micro and AVENIR Mini 4, transported with direct connections, Enterprise Server, of Streambox Cloud Services, and played out with the NODE 2 player, or computer and mobile media players.

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Global Conferencing

Streaming across IP networks reduces the cost of covering events such as conferences and seminars by supplementing or removing existing satellite or microwave links, ultimately providing less expensive and more mobile solutions based on Streambox Cloud Services. Streambox Sessions™ provides remote, real-time collaboration across multiple locations without viewers needing a Cloud account or needing to connect with Streambox Cloud directly.

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