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Users of Streambox software and hardware encoders can now stream via Streambox Cloud services directly to Facebook Live. Often times businesses, agencies, organizations, houses of worship, etc. want to share a live event with their members or the public at large and streaming live to Facebook is an efficient and easy way to accomplish that.

In order to stream live video to Facebook you first must have 1) Streambox Cloud Account, 2) Streambox Software or Hardware Encoder, and 3) Facebook Account. The setup has never been easier to stream live video with Facebook. Besides the video above we have a step by step walkthrough below to help make sure you can stream to Facebook with ease.

Success Stories

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City of Seattle

Live Streams to Facebook, YouTube, and Web with Streambox

On Monday, September 26, 2016, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray used Streambox to livestream his 2017 city budget proposal to YouTube, Facebook, and the city’s websites. While Mayor Murray gave his speech from City Hall, Seattle Channel, Seattle’s government access TV station, had a Streambox 9200 rackmount at its broadcast center receiving video from the HD video cameras. The 9200 encoded and sent the live video stream to Streambox Cloud for transcoding and delivery.

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