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Whether your Government solutions includes getting live video reports from disaster areas, enhancing border control and protection, viewing video from command stations, or deploying easy-to-use video software and hardware technology to ground forces in combat theaters around the world, Streambox innovative solutions are poised to help increase operational efficiencies while getting appropriate information to the right place at the right time.


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Mission Critical Mobile Deployment

Streambox end-to-end solutions, such as our light-weight hardware, offers ground troops increased mobility, allowing Special Forces to capture and stream video quickly and reliably over low data-rate satellite networks for further evaluation at mobile or central command centers. The ability to quickly share video intelligence with command centers also helps speed up the identification of captured enemy combatants and augments ground personnel’s overall situational awareness.

Border Patrol & Protection

Border protection plays a critical role in homeland security. Along with measures to physically defend the nation’s perimeter, the U.S. government is deploying a number of technologies in an effort to improve border control and protection. IP-centric video solutions provided by Streambox can be deployed in fixed locations along the physical borders of the country, in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or even on coast guard vessels. With video transport solutions in place, high quality live and file-based video can be streamed to dozens of locations over IP unicast or multicast networks for immediate viewing on desktop and laptop computers.

Central Command Stations

With geographically dispersed forces and command centers around the globe, the military constantly receives information from a variety of sources. A regional military base and/or command center may receive video about impending or ongoing guerilla or terrorist activities. Getting this to appropriate decision- makers and analysts at other regional or central command centers in a matter of minutes is crucial for an enhanced response.

Security & Surveillance

More than ever, city, state, and national governments are taking steps to put in place an infrastructure that facilitates more effective surveillance and monitoring of port operations. P-centric video technology provided by Streambox enables ports to stream high- quality live and file-based video from a variety of strategically located cameras in port areas to security operation centers over IP unicast or multicast networks. The video is then played out on a desktop computer allowing laptop clients at several locations to view and analyze the video.

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