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Bring Your Community Together with the Highest Quality Video Transport Solutions

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Streambox House of Worship Solution understands that it’s important for congregations to maintain a feeling of personal connection, even when transmitting video to multisite locations. Our reliable, easy-to-use solutions provide the ability to keep remote participants engaged, whether from multisite locations or on the web, while effectively delivering the message with little delay.


Streambox Delivers with a Variety of Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Multi Site Video Playout

Connecting house of worship communities across multiple campuses and time zones can be a challenge. Streambox Multi-Site Solutions simplify, streamline and provide a premium quality of service. By leveraging the Streambox Enterprise ServerCloud with AVENIRDroneStreambox 9200 Rackmount / Node, churches can send large amounts of live and file-based video to centralized secure servers for easy management and distributions for point-to-multipoint streaming.

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Interactive Video

The Streambox Full-Duplex solution operates as a 2-way video transmission, making it ideal for bi-directional video worship, allowing multi-site congregations to stay in touch and interact with one another in real-time. The low latency between units provide a community experience with members being able to interact from services at different location.

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Live Streaming

The Free Cloud Encoder for Mac laptops and Streambox App for iPhone or Android enables users to cost-effectively stream professional quality video from their worship site to a satellite campus, social media, church website, or everywhere at once using Streambox Cloud. Churches can also set up their own channel for members to view live and on-demand video from desktops and mobile devices.

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Image Magnification

Streambox 3D-IMAG combines two separate full-frame HD video streams into one easily managed, low-latency video transport stream. It is ideal for capturing video signals from two different cameras that need to be synchronized. Both videos will provide IMAG with Genlock of video source with synchronized video and audio, with zero video frame shift between two video sources.

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Remote Campus

Not all campuses have access to high-speed internet, but the same Streambox network bonding technology that allows broadcasters to deliver HD video live from the field over a cellular connection works for a church without high-speed internet. With Low Delay Multi-Path (LDMP) technology, encoders, Cloud, and decoders spread the streaming video data among all available networks for more data flow.

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