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Broadcast in Under a Minute with Streambox AvenirMICRO™

Streambox has a complete end-to-end line of products specifically designed for broadcasters and streaming professionals. These products are optimized for broadcasters who are dissatisfied with current satellite and microwave solutions and are looking for a cost-effective broadcast solution to capture live breaking news.


Mobile Newsgathering 

Proprietary ACT-L3 AVENIRMicro™ mobile encoder allow remote field reporters to set up quickly and transmit higher quality, low latency video over low bandwidth 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Internet & satellite connections. Video can be sent live on-air or streamed directly to the web or mobile devices. With a variety of software and video transport solutions, Streambox supports all of your video contribution and newsgathering needs.

News Room 

Remotely manage and distribute file-based video. Aggregate large amounts of live and file-based video for easy routing, distribution and play out for maximum compatibility across all platforms with Streambox Enterprise Server and Streambox Cloud Services. Both Solutions offer easy, private or public cloud-based management, powerful search capabilities, and seamless multi-format compatibility.


Sports & Live Events 

Reduces the cost of covering events by supplementing or removing existing satellite or microwave links, ultimately providing a less expensive and more mobile option. Our live event solutions allow sports and broadcasters to simulcast events from the locker room to the field in full HD. Distribute high quality live feeds between broadcast centers at a low cost by linking stadiums and facilities with our real-time point-to-point or multi point video transport solutions.

“Streambox met all of our requirements for our mission critical broadcast needs and we are excited about bringing a world-class 24-hour news channel to Indonesia.”

-Johnny Yeung, Technical Director, CNN Indonesia

“We measured the performance of multiple technologies and ultimately selected Streambox to bring onboard this year, which transformed the scope of our capabilities.”

-Ed McNichol, VISIONS ’11 Video Project Manager