Streambox Media Player

Broadcast High Quality On-Air Playout to Windows & Mac OSX


Quicktime HD/SD Tools

HD/SD QuickTime Encoder/Decoder/Transcoder for Windows & Mac


Mobile Media Player

Live Streaming Media Playout on iPad and iPhone Devices


Media Players & Tools

Playout High Quality Footage with Ease

Streambox Player

The Streambox Media Player is a free software decoder that receives and plays out high quality HD/SD live video and audio. It is specifically designed to play video and audio streams generated by Streambox Encoders and Streambox Enterprise Server. The player runs on Windows and Mac OSX compatible desktop and laptop clients.

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Streambox Player Pro

The Streambox Media Player Pro receives high quality live HD/SD broadcast video and audio. Streambox Media Player Pro is also able to launch a full screen window for HD or SD broadcast quality on-air playout. This Pro software can also act as a teleprompter in the field for reporters or producers to see incoming video from the studio.

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Quicktime HD/SD Tools

For users that want to take advantage of the efficient Streambox ACT-L3 codec, while having the flexibility of QuickTime for an HD/SD file-based workflow, Streambox offers HD/SD QuickTime Tools. These tools work hand-in-hand with the Streambox HD/SD Media Station and the HD/SD Store and Forward Server.

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Mobile Media Player

Streambox Mobile Media Player is a software ACT L3 decoder for iPads and iPhones receiving live IP video streams from Streambox encoders or from Streambox Cloud services.

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