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Collaborate with Other Medical Professionals in Real-Time

Healthcare quality is improved by real-time consulting, advisement, and diagnostics using Streambox Medical Solutions to help professionals. Systems such as Chroma and NODE 2 are optimized for medical applications, providing high quality and low-cost. Streambox Cloud Services over wired and wireless IP networks transport media from point to point or to multiple locations.


Streambox Delivers with a Variety of Medical Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Mobile Video

The AVENIR Micro is a compact mobile encoder that permits users to set up quickly and transport high quality, low latency HD video over bonded 3G, 4G, WiFi, Ethernet, SNG / DNG, and Internet networks. The AVENIR Mini 4 has all of the capabilities of AVENIRMicro as well as being camera mountable with five embedded modems.


Multi-Location Connectivity

Streambox solutions provide healthcare professionals with ways to treat patients remotely by collecting patient data, conducting examinations, and performing procedures in real-time. This can all be done using Streambox Chroma to capture, stream, and play live media between hospitals, clinics, or doctors’ offices.

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Global Video Transport

Streambox Cloud Services connects first mile to last mile in video contribution, streaming, and distribution for webcasts and live video production with software encoders and triple play live streaming to YouTube, Facebook and websites. Reliable video transport with automated routing and management tools supports UHD and HD video.

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Live Streaming

The Streambox Cloud encoder and Streambox App for iOS, Mac OSX, and Windows enables users to cost-effectively stream professional quality video to the web or mobile devices. Live media can also be sent to social media sites like YouTube or Facebook for real-time video sharing.

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