Multi-Channel Synchronized HD-SDI Decoders enable live production of multi-camera events over IP and cloud networks. Event videos are received from remote sources and then synchronized at the broadcast center.

Key Features

ACT-L3/L5 Optimized Codec
Produce Highest Quality, Low Bandwidth, Minimal Latency Video

Low Delay Multi-Path
LDMP Networking Provides Reliable Video Transport Over Public Internet Networks and Over MPLS/Fiber Networks with Sub-Second Latency.

Cloud-Based Support
Encrypted Collaboration via Private Network or Streambox Cloud.

Multi Camera Production
4 or 8 channel HD-SDI video decoding from single system

Secure End-to-End Encryption
In-Stream 128 bit Video Encryption to Protect Video Content from Unauthorized Viewer, optional 256-bit

Low Latency
500ms – 2 Second End-to-End Latency Over Fiber and Public Internet Networks

Live News Production

For critical application such as a live two-way interview, reliable performance is crucial. Users can stream secure, live media from field locations with automated routing.

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