Multi-Channel Sync Decoder

Manage Video Production with Less Equipment and Reduced Costs


Receive/Decode Multiple Videos

The Synchronized Decoder Can Receive Up to 4 or 8 Channels with Ease


Chroma Multi-Channel Encoder

Designed for Contribution and Production

Streambox Chroma multi-encoder systems provide secure, real-time, acquisition for broadcasters and enterprise organizations. In addition to high quality contribution, the minimal latency characteristics of the system offers reliable media streaming over different types of IP networks.

The Chroma multi-encoder is a packaged version of the Chroma HD system that includes a 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI Dual link I/O that enables up to 4 simultaneous encodes.

For further information on the multi-channel encoder, please refer to Chroma HD

Multi-Channel Sync Decoders

Designed for Live Multi-Camera Video Production

The Streambox Multi-Channel Synchronized HD-SDI Decoders enable live production of multi-camera events over IP networks. Event video streams are received from remote sources and then synchronized at the broadcast center. The Multi-Channel Synchronized Decoders simplify live onsite production management with less equipment, helping to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


Ease of Use

Automatically synchronizes 2 to 8 videos within a frame


End to End Content Security with Encryption

Multi-Camera Live Production

Receive and Decode up to 4 or 8 video sources

Real-Time Communications and Collaborations

Low latency Reviews for Communications in Real-Time

Maximum Value

High-Density 4 or 8 Channel Decoding from Single System

Lower OpEX Costs

Use Reliable Low-Cost Public Internet and/or Fiber Networking and send less Equipment and Production Resources to Events

Key Features

New ACT-L3/L5 Optimized Codec

Produces Higher Quality, Low Bandwidth, Lower Latency Video.

Low Delay Multi-Path

LDMP Networking Provides Reliable Video Transport Over Public Internet Networks and Over MPLS/Fiber Networks with Sub-Second Latency.

Cloud-Based Support

Encrypted Collaboration via Private Network or Streambox Cloud.

High Density

4 or 8 channel HD-SDI video decoding from single system

One-to-One or One-to-Many

Software Media Player or Hardware Decoder Video Playout Options as a Point to Point or Use Cloud for Multi-Point Playout.

Low Latency

500ms – 2 Second End-to-End Latency Over Fiber and Public Internet Networks.

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Multi-Channel Decoder Specifications

Designed for Live Multi-Camera Video Production

Video Interface Video Out: 4 ch: BNCx4 (+1 Ref) Video Out: 8 ch: DIN 1.0/2.3 x8 (+1 Ref)
Video Transport Streambox LDMP 2.0 with Network-Bonding
Video Formats 1920x1080: 23.98p, 23.98psf, 24p, 24psf, 30p, 30i, 60i, 60p
Color Profile 4:2:0, 4:2:2 10-bit
Reference Input Black-Burst or Tri-Sync
Audio Out SDI Embedded - 16 channel Max
Streaming Protocol UDP, TCP, LDMP
Network Interface Ethernet RJ-45 x2 port Gigabit
Streaming Setting Bitrate: 2-120 Mbps Latency: 0.2-10 sec
Management Control Web UI for secure local or remote access Live Video preview via Web UI Front LCD with keypad USB and video ports
Encryption 1) AES 128-bit Encryption with Symmetric key 2) AES 192/256-bit Optional
Operating System Linux
Dimensions W 482mm x D 282mm x H 44mm, 19.0" x 11.1" x 1.7" Weight: 4.7kg/10.5lbs
Power Single Power Supply AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 150W Max

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