New 2K Encoder/Decoder

Designed for Remote Real-Time Cinematic Color Grading and Reviews

Post Production

Easy Streaming Anywhere for Remote Post Production

Streambox provides post production facilities across the globe with high quality, low cost video delivery solutions over low-bandwidth IP connections. Our Advanced Compression Technology, ACTL-3, is capable of compressing high motion, complex video at lower data rates using the new advanced motion search feature. With rackmount solutions supporting 10 bit video output at significantly lower data rates, Streambox enables directors, colorist & editors remote real-time color grading collaboration as if they are working in the same location.


Streambox Delivers with a Variety of Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Post Cloud

Streambox’s new Post Cloud Service offers collaboration tools designed for film, advertising  and post production industry. The custom Cloud portal allows users to send private session invitations, share encrypted, and conduct group review sessions to share HD, 2K and 4K low latency videos for review, edits and color grading. Once an invitee logs in, the encrypted video is automatically pulled from the Streambox Cloud. The invitee, be they a producer, director, editor, colorist, sound engineer, continuity editor, and so on, can then review the video seamlessly and simultaneously collaborate from anywhere in the world. Post Cloud is Coming Soon!

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HD/2K Encoder & Decoder

Streambox’s 2K & HD system provides secure, real-time, remote, collaborative workows for post production professionals by providing low latency 2K & HD video over public and private IP networks. Producers, engineers, and colorists can now deliver real-time services with a bottom line advantage for color correction, remote editorial, and final review. The new encoder and decoder are powered by new ACT-L3 Video CODEC, LDMP network protocol and integrated with Streambox Cloud for reliable video transport over the wired and wireless internet networks.

HD-2K Encoder & Decoder   HD-2K Datasheet

Video Encryption

Video/Audio 128bit Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) is a security standard add-on for all Streambox Hardware Encoders, Decoders,and Streambox Cloud (cloud-based video management system). All live and archived video files can only be accessed with their provided encryption key for added security. Also has lower costs and less setup time versus VPN Networking. AES 192-bit and 254-bit Encryption available upon request!

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HD / 4K Software Solution

Streambox compresses high motion, complex video so that directors, colorist, editors, and producers can collaborate in real time across the world with high quality, low latency, low cost video delivered over the public internet. No hardware is required for Streambox’s Cloud workflow making it perfect as a project-based solution which is easily scalable by adding Cloud Encoders, 4K Encoders, and HD / 4K Media Player Pros as needed.

Encoding Software

Media Player Pro

Transmit high quality live video over low data rate IP networks as a way to accelerate and enhance the video editing process. Streambox’s Advanced Compression Technology Level 3 (ACTL-3) codec efficiently reduces video size to enable long form “Mezzanine” grade HD 10-bit playout on Media Player that allows video editors and color grading reviewers to collaborate in real-time and gain immediate feedback and approval from clients who may be located in different parts of the world.

Media Player Pro


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