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Public Safety

Transmit Live Video Fast for Support in the Field

Public Safety requires reliable ways to communicate as emergencies develop, Streambox allows the right people to see the whole picture for analysis, decision-making, and response to keep the public safe. Simple and secure video distribution allows command to send live audio and video to any connected mobile device to a group or specific officers: keeping everyone prepared, either within a department or across multiple agencies. Unite the field and command with live, high-quality video for rapid assessment and response.


Streambox Delivers with a Variety of Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Drone Videos

Compact enough to fit into a palm-size kit, the highly mobile AVENIRDrone™ Encoder unit can be setup with Drone UAVs to start transmitting live high-quality video within minutes. Sending live video through Streambox secure Cloud Services or Enterprise Server enables Headquarters Command and Control to receive and playout all videos from officers in the field.

Low Latency Mobile Video Surveillance

All Streambox products come equipped with Streambox exclusive Low Delay Multi-Path technology (LDMP) that allows for low latency adaptive bit-rate streaming over public and private networks. AVENIRDrone encoder with four 3G/4G/LTE cellular modems used with Streambox Cloud offer low latency end to end video surveillance for officers  and  command centers to response and deploy resources quickly.

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