Signal Extender Family

Streambox Provides All You Need to Boost Your Signal in Low Cellular Areas

Streambox VETA™

Designed for Mobile Broadcasting

The Streambox VETA™ (Video Encoder Transport Amplifier) is a backpack mounted mobile network bonding HD encoder with either 5 or 10 integrated 3G/4G embedded modems and a cellular signal amplifier. VETA is designed to stream video from low cellular signal areas or from areas of highly congested cellular usage like football stadiums by improving signal gain for higher bandwidth video streaming.

Signal Extender 2.0

Weatherproof for Unlimited Travel

The new non-amplified Streambox Signal Extender 2.0 is a lightweight modular device, which includes 3 embedded modems with high gain antennas. It supports 3G/4G/LTE cellular networks. It connects to the Avenir Mini via a single 7-pin connector for both power and signal for simple operation. The Signal Extender 2.0 comes in a weatherproof enclosure and can be mounted on the roof of a car or on a tripod.

streambox signal extender 2.0 image

Mini USB Signal Extender

Designed for International Travel

photo of streambox mini usb

The new Streambox Avenir Mini USB Signal Extender accommodates 4-10 USB modems, depending on model, for additional mobility and flexibility when in poor 3G/4G areas. It equips the unit when traveling from country to country in territories for which it was not originally configured, providing additional bandwidth and operational flexibility.

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