Streambox Media Players (SMP) provide a welcome solution to the logistical nightmare of providing your remote collaborators with a playback device - our free streaming media players run on popular platforms they already own!

Viewing professional media content in a browser may be convenient and OK for some applications, if you can accept questionable color and gamma. Our SMPs are just as convenient, but accept and transcode your original material in its native resolution and colorspace. Your creative work deserves nothing less!

Thunderbolt iris
Apple tv

Media Player for Apple TV 4K

Streambox’ s Media Player is now available for Apple TV! It supports UHD 4K/HDR streams over IP from Streambox encoders or Streambox Cloud services – perfect for color grading, F/X or editorial remote workflows.

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Media Player for iOS

Up to twenty programmable video channels and can automatically “pull” live video on a point-to-point basis from Streambox encoders, or using project based Streambox Sessions collaboration, or with global Streambox Cloud Services connectivity. You should be running iOS 13 or later for best results – iPad Pro highly recommended!

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Ios devices
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Media Player for macOS and Windows

Built upon the latest macOS 64-bit and Windows 10 platforms, the Media Player application will support up to 4K DCI resolution and HDR profiles with color accurate display on Apple monitors.

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