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Live streaming from your mobile device

Live streaming from your mobile device

For on-the-go video streaming nothing beats the Streambox App for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Easily share live or archived video via email, Facebook or Twitter or create your own channel to publish and share live, low-latency video streams from the cloud or Streambox Enterprise Server.

Key Features

Free Streambox App with Streambox Cloud

The free Streambox App lets you stream live video from your iOS, Android or Windows device directly to the web and mobile devices. Using our global cloud-based servers on the Amazon Web Services platform your video travels quickly over shorter distances before being routed live on-air or archived for later use.

Streambox Cloud

 Live mobile streaming for any organization

  • BroadcastersCapture and stream live video from remote locations using popular mobile devices.
  • SportsSet up quickly and capture live sports events with easy transmission from the field.
  • Emergency ResponseSend live video reports from disaster areas quickly and efficiently.
Streambox Solutions

Streambox App Advanced Mode

Broadcasters use the Streambox App Advanced Mode for professional, high-quality news reporting. With the ability to stream live HD video over unreliable networks and fluctuating conditions, the Streambox App is a superior solution for remote reporting. Advanced Mode offers one-click low-latency streaming, custom transmission settings and optimized settings for BGAN, SNG and DNG transmissions along with the ability to capture and upload video to the Streambox Cloud.

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State-of-the-art technology

Using proprietary LDMP technology, the Streambox App selects the best possible pathway from all available networks, including 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, and other IP networks, so you get consistent SD and HD streaming with the highest quality possible. The Streambox codec, ACT-L3, allows for faster encoding with lower latency specifically designed for transmission over any low-bandwidth IP connection.

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