Streambox VETA™

Extended coverage for areas with poor network.



The Streambox VETA™ (Video Encoder Transport Amplifier) is a backpack mounted mobile network bonding HD encoder with either 5 or 10 integrated 3G/4G embedded modems and a cellular signal amplifier. VETA is designed to stream video from low cellular signal areas or from areas of highly congested cellular usage like football stadiums by improving signal gain for higher bandwidth video streaming.

Whats Inside VETA?

    • Micro Encoder – Small low power mobile HD encoder with HDMI or HDSDI video capture for HD & SD video streaming over bonded 3G,4G and Wifi networks at same time. Powered by highly efficient ACT-L3 Video CODEC producing high quality HD and SD videos at lower bandwidth with reliable LDMP video transport for streaming over bonded wireless and wired networks.


    • Embedded Modem Module(s) – Standard unit is configured with five 3G,4G LTE embedded modems. Optional add on of three additional embedded modems are available for total of eight embedded modems. Sim slots are accessible on top of VETA enclosure.


    • Magnetic Antenna on Retractable Pole – Multi frequency antenna with magnetic base for easy removal from top of retractable antenna pole that could be place on top of automobile for video streaming from moving vehicle.


Superior High-Definition Video

Stream live video with continuous high quality even over unreliable networks. Using proprietary technology, the device continuously monitors and selects the best possible pathway from all available networks, including 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, BGAN and other IP networks, so you get consistent SD and HD streaming with outstanding quality.

Cloud Streaming

Using the Streambox worldwide network of cloud servers helps reduce your video latency by up to 90%. Your stream is automatically archived and can be immediately routed to one or many destinations along with delivery to the web and mobile devices.

News, Security, Surveillance

From broadcast organizations to public safety, the Streambox Drone Encoder Pro enables video streaming for mission-critical applications.

  • Broadcasters. Capture and stream live action video from remote locations or situations where newscasters can’t reach.
  • Police and fire. Remotely monitor events, secure locations, or dangerous situations.
  • Government and military. Monitor high-risk locations with live surveillance and evaluate security threats in real time.


The Streambox AVENIRMicro™ is modular for maximum portability:

  • Standard Battery Module (20Wh capacity)
  • 8x Battery Module (optional)
  • 4x Embedded Modem Module (optional, supports 3G/4G/LTE)
  • Compatible with all Streambox Signal Extenders
  • Standard accessories: AC adapter, battery charger, regional plug adapter

Streambox VETA™ Sample Case Study

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