Avenir Micro

AVENIRMicro & AVENIRDrone encoders: Expanding and adding to their unique modular and stackable design. The next generation mobile encoder for bonded cellular video transmissions for streaming and newsgathering now comes with many add-on options to increase mobility and connectivity.

The AVENIRMicro can now stream Full HD at up to 18Mbps, even from public hotspots, and has a new user friendly interface and automated LDMP to simplify your operations in field.

New Modules Available:

  • USB Modem Module
  • Embedded Modem Module
  • Carrying T and H-Clips with integrated Canon batteries support
  • IFB Channel & Volume Selection
  • BGAN & HDR Support
  • Battery module, also for IDX/AB

Streambox Node

Streambox NODE: A low-cost, small form factor HDMI video playout device for connected TVs.

  • Lightweight and low cost ACT-L3 decoder
  • HD HDMI output and two USB 3.0
  • Easy operation at any location
  • Low power consumption
  • Supports LDMP 2.0 Reliable Transport and UDP networking protocols

Streambox Cloud

Streambox Cloud: Expanding cloud services with many new features and improvements to globally deployed cloud servers.

New Streambox Cloud features:

  • New Geo IP and GPS locations with Google Maps Integration
  • Avenir Encoders dashboard for remote control and configuration
  • Real time data on streaming data rate and device information
  • HD web & mobile video distribution – H264 multi bitrate transcoding and streaming
  • Video file time shift playout for remote multi-location delayed video playout
  • Live cue-once video location marking for remote multi-location video playout

Streambox Hybrid Software Encoder for OSX

Streambox Hybrid Software Encoder for OSX

Update including automated LDMP video transport:

  • Reliable video transmission over all mobile networks
  • Detects network conditions and dynamically adjusts packet redundancy and recovery to overcome network fluctuations for reliable, high quality video playout

Real-time VR Video Streaming to Oculus Rift ®

The VR technology demonstrations include 4K VR video workflow from 3D & 360 video capture, video stitching, compression and transport to the cloud video servers for multiplayer Virtual Reality video distribution

TriCaster Add-on and NDI Support

  • Streambox ACT-L3 decoding integrated in TriCaster system
  • Easy and direct contribution into your live production system
  • Streambox NDI application allows easy integration to the NewTek NDI ecosystem


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